To Know Yourself Walk Consciously In Your Own Shoes

Journey Into Self focuses on the experiences and understanding of our multidimensional selves. We can alter our current known reality by becoming aware of our core beliefs and either changing or containing them. This goal is attainable through self-guiding meditations and becoming aware of our emotions and how some control our lives negatively. We are in the habit of spending an extraordinary amount of time keeping our present reality functioning because we either disdain or fear change. Change is our only hope. It is not to be controlled, manipulated, or forced. It is to be consciously planned instead of how it functions now, automatic, and instinctive. The journey into oneself is a solo experience supported by streams of consciousness from the sub-realms to the Creator herself. We each hold the key to our healing. Some can find that key, others because of their search help others find theirs. Some of the methods and techniques to help you on your journey may be listed below.

 Becoming a 21st-Century Shaman

Shamanism is one of the oldest spiritual paths with its goals being to maintain balance and harmony in the individual and society and, beyond that, to allow the practitioner to transform, transmute, and transcend into a higher state of being. This is accomplished by entering and altering non-ordinary reality to affect ordinary reality. As 21st Century Shaman we must bridge our earthly third-dimensional existence with the cosmos and all creation, our multidimensionality, to forge new paths. With recent shifts, the veils are thinning, and we can walk between and bridge worlds more easily. Rather than generating reality from the past, we can now pull the future into our present. By knowing ourselves as Soul, we can align ourselves on all of our multidimensional levels to our Soul’s path. As we increase our awareness of Self and the worlds around us, we become the spiritual adventurer rather than the spiritual warrior. The 21st Century Shaman will have learned to “know thyself” and master the skills to receive and use intuition, imagination, and creativity.

Discovering and Releasing Mother’s Influence

Mother’s emotions, thoughts, and feelings practically her entire belief system are stored in the form of core beliefs inside one or all of our four bodies. Father plays a secondary role to mother but also influences our core beliefs. Whenever we experience conflict instead of peace and love in our lives, our core beliefs and our conscious desires are conflicting. All diseases, relationship problems, lack of abundance, etc. originated from beliefs. One of the major steps in inner growth is to purge these borrowed core beliefs of mother and father and replace them with more appropriate beliefs. The beliefs not purged will be released when the parent passes into the world between death and rebirth. Discovering and removing beliefs, reviewing, and altering plans made for this lifetime, and developing plans for the future are some of the connections which can be made through this inner discovery.

Meeting and Connecting with High Self

We are a part of our High Self, connected at the 12th chakra energy level. Our High Self is that highest aspect of ourselves to which we have ready access. Developing a very real relationship with the High Self is one of the focal points for all workshops. To know the name, vibration, color, taste, and sound of the High Self helps to begin the development of a deep relationship based on honesty, knowing, and trust. Our High Self unconditionally loves us and by learning to open to and receive that love, we can begin to truly understand and know what unconditional love is. Connecting to the High Self is key to spiritual development. The High Self in its knowledge knows everything about us on every level and with its wisdom, it can be our most powerful guide.

Meeting and Connecting with Soul and Spirit

The Soul and Spirit are associated with the energy of our 11th chakra, and they are the feminine/masculine aspects of the same energy. The Soul, the feminine part of that energy is contacted through the unconscious mind and holds the key to our passion. The balancing masculine energy of Spirit holds the key to our compassion. In addition to communicating and feeling the Soul and Spirit, the seven faces of the Soul will be experienced: the Naming, Power, Talent (Eternal Youth), Wounding, Shadow Self, Double, and the Remain. All hold clues to who we are in this life, our purpose, path, deepest passion, and compassion.

Past Lives/Future Lives Impacting on the Current Life

Many of us have planned this lifetime to be our last 3rd-dimensional lifetime. Therefore, we have brought forward into this lifetime all of those issues that we were not able to resolve in our past lives. As a result, we can access many past lives that are directly influencing our current experience. Since everything is occurring simultaneously, they directly impact each other — heal one and the other is healed. Viewing pertinent past lives often helps us to understand our present situation and gives our lives a new sense of depth. In the understanding of the life/death/reincarnation process, it is important to also view those places we experience between lives — the places where we learn, increase our wisdom, and determine our probable and possible life paths.

Body Wisdom

If paying attention to our bodies can tell us much about our belief systems. Every move that we make, every posture we take, every wrinkle, scar, growth, or disease has significance. Our body is our belief system in action. When we can uncover our belief systems (which occur on conscious, subconscious, and/or unconscious levels) we have the power to change our lives. Through guided meditation, we can get in touch with that feeling sense of the body and gain access to all sorts of knowledge about what we truly think and feel. This is a most powerful tool for discovering and resolving the emotional roots of our physical maladies.

Inner Child/Seat of Core Beliefs — Uncovering the Wounded Child

The inner child is not a remembrance of the past — it is a part of us that still exists and is very real. Found within the inner child are powerful core beliefs that run our lives on a subconscious level. These debilitating core beliefs can be discovered and healed by communicating with and loving the wounded inner child. Many have worked with the inner child, but without allowing the child to be real, to be felt and loved, the work remains ineffective. In this process of meeting and healing the inner child, the magical child, so key to transcendence, can be released.

Resonance – The Most Powerful Tool for Manifestation

Until recently cause and effect were our tools for creation in the third dimension. As our vibrations are increasing and we move into the next dimension, resonance is becoming key to consciously creating our reality. Once we are clear about our heart’s desire, once we have processed any underlying conflicting beliefs, then we can begin to effectively program for the reality we chose using a new technique to harness the power of creating with resonance.

Journey to the 4th Dimension

By connecting or focusing consciousness in a higher dimension the realm of possible futures can be visited. Important insights are gained, but even more important, a feeling sense is experienced that can be tapped into to assist in a future dimensional shift — a road map, so to speak, is traced out.

Unseen Friends

Powerful Allies on the Spiritual Path. They are all around us on the spiritual planes — teachers, counselors, guides, angels, archetypal energies, and gatekeepers to other worlds, just to name a few. These energies are real, they are waiting to assist in our growth. All we have to do is to tune into them, ask for assistance and then receive it. As paradox increases in our world, our unseen friends may be our greatest support, helping us to stay connected to Source, helping us to remember that we are not separate, and helping us to stay on our highest path. Our world is greatly enriched when we connect to our spiritual friends.

Utilizing the Full Self

Balancing the Male/Female Within. In our innate drive to seek balance most of us look outside of ourselves to fill that need — we seek a mate to give us a sense of being complete. However, it is Self that must first balance the male/female energies within. Once the balance is found within, we can attract an equally balanced partner, and that partnership becomes a co-creation filling a preference, not a need. By meeting the anima and animus within (the archetypal male/female energies) we can get in touch with the principles of energy that each one of us represents. By bringing these energies into harmony we come closer to reaching the power of balance and utilization of our full self.

Spiritual Heritage

It’s Not About Bloodlines. Our spiritual ancestry began in the heavens, the stars, then went through the land of the Goddess energy, Lemuria, onto the land of the God energy, Atlantis. From there we were podded all over the globe. In one of those pods, we can find our spiritual heritage. Within that heritage we will find one lifetime or a series of lifetimes that most resonate with our vibration in this lifetime — It is the lifetime where we once came closest to going Home. By remembering we can know which path of metaphysics is most natural for us, we can learn what key lessons remain for us before going Home and we can get important clues to our destiny, our soul’s path.

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