Finding a Particular Time and Space

To find a particular time and space where an incident occurred you must have a connection between There and Now. That connection can be a thought or image, a feeling or body sensation. Following thoughts tends to keep you in your head, always in thought. Following your emotions or body sensations takes you into your feelings. It is feelings that make the best connections between Here and There or Then and Now. As you learn more about your multidimensional self you will learn to differentiate many of your different sensing bodies, minds, and parts. 

The body that you are inhabiting in the ‘Now’ feels fear or terror in every cell of its being. Your ether body experiences fear and terror in every ether particle of its being. Your emotional body experiences the emotions of fear and terror in every astral particle of its being and your mental body feels its thoughts of fear and terror in every etheric particle of its being. Your ether body experiences your physical body sensations, and your astral body feels your ether body feelings which are comprised of physical body feelings. Your mental body feels all your physical body’s feelings. No matter what happens in this world today it is felt somewhere within at least one of your physical bodies. In the same way, anything happening in time and space, past or future is also experienced and felt by at least one of your bodies. There are parts of you feeling it, your past and your future self and you that is in the Now.

The part of you that feels itself in the Now is feeling the present moment through its three different bodies. You inhabit a body that is not you, yet it is called your physical/mineral body and it experiences multiple levels and tones of pain and pleasure. Your next and less dense body is your ether body. It creates your physical/mineral body which you inhabit while you are alive. Your ether body interprets your mineral/physical body’s experiences. It never leaves your physical body while you are alive. On the other hand, your emotional body, also known as your astral body, and your mental body sometimes known as your causal body leave your physical body as soon as you fall asleep, and they return when you wake up.

In fact, as most humans mature and adapt to their third-dimensional world they become so attached to their borrowed physical bodies that they begin to believe that they are their borrowed mineral/physical body. The illusion that they created for themselves is so real to their physical senses that they become totally convinced that the physical illusion is reality, and the spiritual reality is the illusion. Everyone passes through this identification to one degree or the other. That identification with the physical world and their bodies blinds human beings from seeing their true interrelationship with all beings and other things in their universe. It also blinds them to the connections to an event that is happening to them Now, in their present, and an event that took place in their childhood or during their womb time It becomes even more of a stretch for them to think that a present event may be caused by or energized by an event that happened to them during one or more of their past lives. It is even a further stretch to think that their future lives could have a causal influence on their present reality.

But if you have been searching for answers that you have never found, think about, then contemplate on and finally feel what I am saying. Think about what you really enjoy, and what cultures or religions you gravitate to. What times in history do you like? What forms of history interests you? Are you drawn to the sports of long forgotten times, the lifestyles, the religious or spiritual practices? Do you like wars and mysteries? Choose one or ask yourself another question to contemplate and think about. During your thinking process, you will have pictures and images pass before your consciousness and you may even sense feelings and emotions. With your mind pay attention to the images and feelings, notice your body’s reaction to your pictures, emotions, and sensations. Then think about the fruits of your contemplation and how these pictures and images, feelings, and emotions are related to each other and to you. When you have thought about as much as you can think, stop thinking as much as you can and start to focus only on your emotions and your feelings.

You have thought all you can, so now turn your focus to your emotions and feelings. Feel the emotion that you are experiencing and sense your body feelings. Use your mind to ask questions. It is tired from its thinking about what you contemplated, and it is tired by now and probably asking questions is about all it wants to do. Mind is always present, but now all you want your mind to do is watch and observe, and, if asked, you should intend your mind to ask questions that will narrow your focus even more as you feel and sense your emotions, as you sense and feel your body sensations.

As you focus on your emotions and feelings your sense of body will change. Your physical body is relaxed and calm, yet it is experiencing sensations of other times and spaces. As you focus on what you are experiencing, as you feel your emotions you will begin to notice your consciousness experiencing another body or a number of bodies, like flash feelings, one after another. You will feel your physical body with your physical sensing organs, but as you focus on the way that body feels, crooked, bent, old or young, hurt or feeling good, you will feel another body, a subtler body. As you focus your attention on your feelings and emotions, the one or one of the many bodies will become more and more focused and discernible to you, until you may feel or sense yourself taller or shorter, heavier or lighter than your present physical body feels now. As you focus on this subtle body, as you allow it to unfold into your consciousness you should begin to feel that subtle body more than you can feel your physical body. At that moment in time, you are experiencing another body in another time, and you are present in your physical body. You are in two places, experiencing two realities with the same consciousness. Feel if your subtle body is the same or the opposite gender than you are. Feel that body as you would feel your physical body. Feel if it is walking or moving, feel the movement and sense the grace or difficulty that you have when you move. If you are standing, sitting, or lying down feel the form and the shape of your body and your head. Notice your clothes and your hair. Feel if you feel anything touching your body, wrapped, tied, leaning against your body. Attempt to smell yourself as you smelled then. The more you can feel that body in the same way that you would feel with your physical body senses the easier it will be for you to start to notice that you are feeling this body with different senses, more subtle senses.

These senses were designed to feel your subtle bodies in the same way that your five gross physical senses experience your physical body as it relates to the physical world. The moment that you turn your conscious attention to that feeling you are connected to it, the moment that you feel that body you have shape-shifted from this time and space to that time and space and your body is actually his or her body of that time and space. At this moment, you are consciously present in three bodies and in two times – at the same time. You are present in your physical body, in your subtle body, and in your past or future life. One of those bodies created or energized your fear or terror.

Knowing these facts, being present in your past or future-life-time and using multidimensional techniques you are now able to heal that life-time and by healing that lifetime you will heal all your lifetimes including your present life which experienced the same emotions that you feel when you feel fear or terror. Your present and most precious lifetime should experience the same release as your inner child, your past or future lifetime.

As you learn to differentiate your feelings and heal your subtle bodies you will begin to notice that you are using your inner senses. As you become more aware of yourself, you will begin to understand that you are naturally using your inner senses, instinctively and intuitively, because you are working with your differentiated physical bodies. You will also become more aware of the differences between your subconscious and unconscious minds as you experience the differences between your inner child, your past lives, or future lives.

These inner or lost senses are the senses that you had but eventually lost during your journey from conception to young adulthood. If you are fortunate enough to remember a time in your life when you had and used these senses, those times will be sometime during your ‘Inner Child’ years. If you cannot remember how you felt during those years, you will, because you did not lose your memories of your early childhood. All your memories are there, it is just that your adult self is unable to process the information in those memories. Your toddler, infant, and womb time self-experienced everything in his world as pure emotion and feeling, emotion and feeling without thought as you know it. It took you years to control or harness your emotional self and your feeling self to the satisfaction of your family and your society and even you yourself. But, during all that training you lost your connection with your soul, you lost your emotional self, your feeling self. Not all, but a lot of your divine, soulful self was lost. The more conscious you become, the more that divine soulful self is remembered, the more it is remembered the more conscious you become.

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