Spiritual vs Religious Prayer

Is there a difference between spiritual and religious prayer or is prayer just prayer?

Spiritual prayer takes place because you are physically, emotionally, and mentally connected to your God-Goddess All That Is.

Religious prayer takes place because there is a separation between you and God.

Spiritual prayer is a two-way communication between oneself and spiritual beings.

Religious prayer is a one-way conversation directed at a spiritual being.

Spiritual prayer is self-empowering (self power authorized by oneself) and can also be communication between a person’s selves, their different levels of consciousness, and various higher selves.

Religious prayers usually ask, plead, and beg for empowerment from an outside source.

Spiritual prayers are multifaceted conversations, sensual experiences, and journeys.

Religious prayers are one-sided conversations of requests, apologies, and self-incriminations.

All spiritual prayers and religious prayers are heard, acknowledged, and answered but the answers are what we secretly ask for and what is desired by the inhabitants of our prayers.


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