Shaman to Adventurer

A wind that is blowing, brushing against us all, leaving us with a vague sense that something inside is missing. We search for masters, teachers, and guides to mold us and illuminate the way, but where are the masters, teachers, and guides? The teachers of old are almost all gone and with so many seekers they are becoming ever more difficult to reach. The rest are left with the words of the last old teachers preserved on film, in books. and on recordings. Many of these words praise the beauty of the higher worlds and warn of the pitfalls of the modern world, but most are unable to show us this future world nor teach us how to deal with the present age. These masters, shamans, and wise beings are giving way to a new 21st-century human. The warrior is the old warn-out behavior trait of the past fifteen-thousand years and it is being replaced by the new, the adventurer.

The adventurer seeks his or her most powerful teachers, those who are within. They reside in the very real worlds of non-ordinary reality while extending outward into the illusionary world of ordinary reality. These teachers are your spiritual aspects, your High Self, Soul, and Spirit. They are your Full Self, mental-self, and astral self along with every past life you have ever lived and every future life that you are about to live. The teachers are waiting for you to become aware of them in their worlds and times, waiting for you to make the transition from warrior to adventurer. To stop fighting and flow with life.

Be aware that your inner teachers are the easiest to misinterpret and that self-honesty is the most difficult of truths because it requires taming your negative ego. Always be skeptical of your inner voices. Always pay attention to your body sensations when in the shadow of an important decision. Body sensations never lie. They are the tracks the adventurer follows when hunting for the truth because they are connected to intuition, which is never wrong.

As an adventurer, you will become aware that other teachers surround you waiting for your inner awareness to recognize them enough to request their guidance, friendship, and companionship. These are your angels and unseen friends who represent a small gathering of teachers who are usually the easiest to honestly communicate with.

There are also many physical service-to-other teachers. Most of them incarnated to increase their knowledge and wisdom by navigating through the chaos of the times. They also chose a life of teaching to learn to confront the challenges everyone will experience as this new age unfolds. These adventurers can be found in every occupation, income level, and lifestyle teaching their ideas and beliefs, methods and techniques. They are the adventurer, the new shaman who constantly searches for knowledge and like everyone else makes blundering mistakes. They almost always fail to meet their own expectations and continue to search in the right places until they find what they are looking for somewhere else. They then teach what they learned through their actions and their nature.

Every teacher, guide, counselor, aspect of self, and unseen friend is available to you whether you consider yourself a modern adventurer or not. They bring new approaches to a new age that may replace the old. No approach should be thought of as lesser than any other. What is considered new works in the modern world in ways that the old is no longer able to.

There are differences between old age and old. Old age refers to the last quarter of someone’s life who has lived into their eighties. Old for this discussion means the end of an age or epoch. New means the beginning of an age or epoch. Neither old age or old epoch means worthless, useless, or dying. Both refer to being experienced, learned, and wise. During old age, there is often an increase in the fear of death, the old fear of oblivion.

The newly aware adventurers are becoming aware as their inner selves awaken their past and often ancient memories. Awakened memories are accompanied by their forgotten spiritual skills. These are the same methods and tools used by the shaman of old. If they are to be effective, the new must discover their skills and alter them. When adventurers begin to discover their skills, that discovery becomes available to all searchers.

The new shaman have to change their astralogy, their connection to the astral plane by releasing as many unhealthy physical, emotional, and mental traumas and confusions as they are able. They are not looking for perfection but instead are seeking balance. In their times the veils between ordinary and non-ordinary realities were thinner and the old shaman’s astralogy was so connected to the earth’s resonance that many were able to change form physically. Nature and humankind interpenetrated one another becoming so interwoven that to the shaman the earth creatures and their vegetation were almost indistinguishable from themselves. This allowed them to shapeshift from humans to birds and animals. Both had feelings and emotions, but only humans had beliefs. Their beliefs cannot be understood by the new shaman or adventurer. In those times, actual physical, emotional, and mental transmigration due to transformation was possible.

There are urban myths about beings who in our time and space are able to change into animals or birds, but most are probably either temporal lobe or astral experiences, not mineral/physical ones. If there are still such masters, they dare not become known because they would be hounded unmercifully. The old shaman shapeshifting was more common than we think and to the people who lived then more real than we can imagine.

Modern myths, urban legends, and mass media normally picture a shaman as old and wrinkled, kind and caring, and a probable magical grandfather or grandmother. They are seen as indigenous, poor, and above all wise, but unfamiliar with the ways of the modern world. Images and myths abound of drums, chanting, the smell of campfire smoke and strange herbs, healing concoctions as well as soul retrieval, stalking, and shape shifting. These images no longer fit into the modern Info-Technology Age with its fast-paced multi-media culture. However, the actual tools of the old shaman are adaptable and can be modernized to improve the everyday life of the average person. That improvement must be experienced; it cannot be imagined.

The new shaman or adventurer’s personal wealth and possessions are choices in progress. Some prefer a low material existence, others a wealthy one, while the rest continue to work on their manifestation skills. Almost all of them are still working on their wisdom. Most were born into this modern world where digital music and meditation replace drums and chanting; incense, candles, oils, and store-bought herbs add to or replace the smell of campfire smoke, strange herbs, and healing concoctions. Shapeshifting into animals or birds is refocused to moving in and out of time and space.

The adventurers experience and sense their bodies and thoughts within this life from conception and wombtime to their future death. Past lives, future lives, and lives between death and rebirth will be the results of further tweaking of the adventurer’s shapeshifting skills. Stalking skills will eventually meld into experiencing visualization and probable life exploration. The adventurer is the average person who will require shamanistic skills to compete in the constantly changing 21st century.

Accepting these tools requires a fundamental awareness of one’s place in different multidimensional realities, calling on the skills we already possess but are barely aware of. These are not new tools with different methods or techniques. Like everything they are refurbished then modernized and evolving on schedule. One of the adventurers’ life purposes is to discover which tools work for them personally, to learn as much about their use as possible, and then to master the skills discovered. This mastery is usually either self-taught or remembered from past lives.

The old shamans are the last of their line while the adventurers are the beginning of theirs. The new are starting over with only the tools the old shaman left them because they are entering a world without blueprints or maps. That frees them to create new pathways with the old tools transforming the tools of old into their own. That is what shamans do, they see what others cannot, they are aware before others, and they safely guide others to their vision. Their only prerequisite is being service-to-other beings. There are no instructions or manuals for this new world because it does not yet exist. This move is unique, it is exciting, and has never been accomplished before. As we become aware of our being conscious, humankind will create their own world and the new shaman will design that world.

The old shamans relied on nature and since all shamans use their environment to shape their skills the old perfected theirs focused on nature. As raw nature becomes more defined, the old is running out of ways to change and adapt leaving them to fade away to be reborn into the new. The old shamanism differs most from the new because the old was grounded in the earth, lived in nature, and honored all things as living. They listened to the wind, saw through the veils separating worlds, and communicated with animals, birds, and spirits. They were as close to the animals around them as modern humans are with traffic. The new, however, has not yet found its grounding, nor should it. Newness means new, never been done before, original. The new shamans are to spearhead the New Age, create this new world, and decide how life is to be lived in this new world. They will become the guardians of the earth on their way to becoming the guardians of each other. They look for answers both in and beyond nature.

The shaman of old were the doctors, lawyers, and corporate leaders of their day. They were healers, priests, and traders, but they were more because they had a special power, a connection to the spiritual. They fine-tune their intuition, creativity, and imagination and they learned to use non-ordinary reality to solve the problems inherent in their earth-based ordinary reality. The old communicated with nature beings as we can communicate with our angels and unseen friends. Even though nature beings are aspects of the angelic and higher beings, communicating with the angels themselves elevates the new shaman into higher spiritual worlds. These higher spiritual worlds are not better, grander, or greater than those of the old shaman, they are different. As different as the earth and the moon.

Discovering your forgotten skills can be difficult especially if you cling to the beliefs that you are your body, that there is no god except human-developed science, and that life is a crap shoot. These beliefs anchor people to the past and give them license to use the system to gain its rewards. Humankind has evolved, and the earth has evolved, both are changing. Ordinary reality is thousands of times more complex, noisy, and confusing than it was for the shaman of old. Humankind is inundated with fear, one of which is the fear of being engulfed by an ever-growing mound of information. Chaos is everywhere and affects everything stemming from our beliefs that attempt to control or stop the forward progress of our personal evolution. Nothing can change evolution; evolution is the manifestation in time and space of the intent of Goddess/God.

Shamans of old understand and used their inner senses to navigate the many and varied dimensions beyond the physical world. There is nothing spiritual about inner senses, they are hidden skills that need developing. It is, however, impossible to use inner senses without becoming spiritual. As humankind moves further into the new century, adventurism will become more important to everyone desiring to become a more kind and prosperous person. The techniques to enter the increasingly accessible worlds of non-ordinary reality are introductions to new and novel human probabilities and probable worlds.  It is in these worlds where ideas can be tested before being applied to ordinary or actual reality. Interaction with unseen friends, angels, and teachers is becoming invaluable and is a check on intent and motives; if the intent is not good for everyone involved, the unseens will not act. Inaction is an instruction to rethink the intent and desire and to try again until it works. When it works, retrace your steps to discover how and what you did that worked, how you felt, and what you were thinking. Then, celebrate.

Everything is interconnected, time is simultaneous, and all events are actually happening in the present moment, therefore, we can contact and change past, future, or parallel lives and, by doing so, affect our present life. The adventurer is anyone who consciously lives in a multidimensional world, who understands that reality is malleable within their soul’s purpose, and who is willing to learn new techniques to navigate time and space in order to positively alter the course of their reality and the reality of those around them.


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