Moving In And Out Of Time And Space – Male

If inner child work is done correctly the rewards far exceed the healing itself. You not only become a better person you become a more evolved being because inner child work is an education in reestablishing your psychic abilities and personal awarenesses. One of the skills you will learn or rather recover is being in more than one place at one time.

In the physical world being in more than one place at any one time is impossible, but we are multidimensional beings, and we can be in two or more places at one time, but now physically. As long as we breathe, we are connected to our bodies but the We as Soul and Spirit that we actually are is always in many places at the same time. We incarnate to learn that we experience both physicality and multidimensionality at one time. The human beings who have learned this lesson are called shamans, gurus, and the wise ones among us. The rest of us are still students but we are closer to graduation than we think.

Your inner child work is the conscious and aware act of being in two places at the same time. Your body is relaxed and comfortable while your mind is with your ‘inner child’ to a point where you can feel touching him knowing that he knows that you are there. Inner child work reinstates your ability to be in more than one place at a time because you sense being not only in your safe place but walking and talking in your ‘inner child’s’ time and space. Once you learn this skill past and future life exploration is no longer scary or unobtainable, it becomes a matter of relaxing, sensing, feeling, and seeking.

The best example of this involves driving an automobile while thinking about solving a difficult relationship problem, explaining yourself to an authority figure, or rehashing another trauma or drama you are experiencing in your life. Your consciousness is not driving, your body is. Your emotional and mental bodies are in their nonphysical space explaining, justifying, or talking about yourself to yourself in another time, your past or future. Your emotional and mental bodies may be so engaged in that other place and time that your physical body will complete the drive without you remembering the route or circumstances of arriving at your destination.

Daydreaming, lack of attention, or having a mental disability are physical excuses for not being fully in one’s body or what metaphysicians call ‘in the moment’ or ‘in the now.’ When you are in the moment or in the “now,” you are in one place, at one time. You are in your physical body paying attention to everything around you, you are present with what is happening to you and what is happening around you, “now.” Most people think that they are in the “now,” but they are not. They are in their past or in their future and at the same time performing mundane tasks such as driving, having meaningless conversations, and reading to name just a few. Since most people are unaware that they are not in their bodies they are unaware of themselves and also unaware of some of the damage that they bring to themselves.

Your ‘inner child’ work will lead you to the understanding of when you are not in the moment by showing you through experience how to be in more than one place at a time while conscious and aware of what both places feel like. When you ‘will’ yourself to stand next to the child you were, and at the same time be aware of the adult that you are “now” while you are also experiencing your child in his time and space you will be experiencing three places at one time. You are in the present moment as the adult, in the child’s time and space as the adult that you are, and the child himself as you were then.

In the process of learning to be in two and then three places at the same time one of the hardest things that you will encounter is learning to step into your adult consciousness and from that perspective, observe and then feel yourself as you actually were and felt as a child, your ‘inner child.’ The child is a developing consciousness that travels through developmental stages. Each stage dies to the stage that succeeds it, and the succeeded stage is soon almost totally forgotten by the new stage or incarnation. The new stage becomes preoccupied with trying to adjust to its new responsibilities, soon forgets, and later loses most of the memories of the “now” past developmental stage. You will have the personal responsibility to use your Lemurian will to reactivate your Atlantean memory. A herculean or impossible task? No.

Since your adult consciousness is both compassionate and empathic your adult is able to feel what your ‘inner child’ is experiencing. At the same time, your adult consciousness travels back into your child’s time and space and supports the child to resolve his problem. Your adult consciousness, therefore, feels the feelings that the child is feeling, but you as the adult are not limited like your ‘inner child’. Your adult consciousness can differentiate your emotions. Your child feels his emotions as either good, bad, or the “I can’t feel anything” feeling in between good and bad. He has not learned the right words for the feelings that he is experiencing, and he has not developed the skills to differentiate those feelings from one another. He probably feels that he is alone in the world feeling emotions and feelings that other people cannot even imagine. He has no one to help him but you. Think about it. Who but You?

It is not self-serving, it is self-actualizing. The art is to learn to let go of your control enough to see the child as he is, as you were, and to change what you do not want in your life while leaving alone what is working in your life. This is wisdom and it takes the skills that you can develop doing your ‘inner child’ work, being consciously in more than one place at one time, and learning to consciously navigate those great unknowns of time and space.