Inner Child

Inner Child Work Is A Misunderstood Self-Therapy Technique

Your inner child is not you or a part of you, but if that child is dominant, it controls you no matter how successful, intelligent, or gifted your grown-up self is. If your inner child is confused, upset, or fearful, you will experience confusion, being upset, and fear until you find out what the child is focusing on and fix it. The tools you need to contact your inner child and to help her or him to heal are your body sensations, emotions, and thoughts. When your inner child is affecting your life both of you are experiencing the same feelings. Feelings are your connection to your inner child and once you understand how to navigate them you will be able to travel in and out of time and space to help your wounded child heal so she or he can live a life that no longer affects you.

If your inner child with all his or her traumas and dramas is in control of your life you can understand your feelings of inadequacy and why everyone either tells you or implies that you should grow up and stop acting childish. Childishness is the indication that your inner child is in control and you as consciousness are not in charge. In self-therapy your inner child is your most powerful ally in the fulfillment of your life’s purposes and more importantly in the enjoyment of your life unaffected by stress, anxiety, or trauma. Working with your inner child will change your life in ways that you are presently unable to comprehend.

Certain facts about the inner child are important to understand. First, the inner child is not the memory of who you were then. He or she is much, much more. Your inner child is a living, breathing child who is existing in this very moment experiencing the same emotions that you are while remembering traumas and dramas that you have forgotten. Since all events and time are occurring simultaneously at any given moment we are merely focusing on a particular part of our multidimensional selves — what we see as our current experience. What we consider to be past or future is really happening in the moment but because it is not in our current focus, we experience it happening in the past or future.

Modern humans have evolved to experience time as a linear experience to isolate and concentrate on one particular focus of living in a three-dimensional world as a multidimensional being. Your inner child can guide you to the root of your problems of which you have forgotten while showing you how to solve her or his problems and thus yours. Once your inner child is satisfied, she or he will leave you alone to live your life because your inner child will be free to live his or hers.

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