Leading Your Past Lives Home

Are you prepared to step into the next dimension? You won’t go alone as you “crossover” leading the way for your 2,000 (more or less) past lives. Since all of your lifetimes are occurring simultaneously, if YOU find the way Home, all of your past lives find the way too. As you ponder the enormity of your task you might be thinking that this is an immense responsibility that you carry for those other lifetimes. That is true, but you don’t need to bear the burden alone — you can enlist the help of your other past lives!

Emotional threads connect us to our past lives. By following these threads, we can locate and work with our other selves. Under hypnosis, self-hypnosis, or meditation it is not unusual to come upon past lives while working on the present. For instance, a client wanted to increase her ability to heal others but at the same time felt a great dread. Under hypnosis, she focused on that feeling of dread and became aware of a need to search beyond the present.

Soon she was face to face with another existence in Egypt. A hands-on healer, she healed one person after another without hope for a life of her own. Then the thread continued beyond that first life to a second lifetime in Egypt as an entirely different type of healer. Using magic and ceremony to heal, wealth followed leading to corruption. Once again, the emotional thread continued this time to a third lifetime in Czechoslovakia. With long lines of people waiting at her door, she blissfully healed all who came until being brutally beaten and paralyzed because of her work as a “witch”. The reasons behind the feelings of dread were obvious from the subconscious view.

The help of the three entities was enlisted. In short, they offered the client insight into their/her healing abilities and the client offered her wisdom to them. By opening to each other, the four were able to view their realities from new and enlightening perspectives and to alter the threads that wove them together. They did not rely on each other, they taught and learned from each other.

Past lives are ‘past’ and should not be reenergized, remembered, or relived except when they interfere with a present life. If a past life consciously surfaces the emotional connection between the present and that past life must be dealt with and then forgotten. If other beliefs, emotions, and thoughts are not products of one’s present subconscious and unconscious mind then they are past life and should not be introduced into a present one.

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