Holographic Resonance

During your mediation create an inner safe space. Use all the resources you have learned about visualization, seeing, sensing, and feeling during your meditations. Practice feeling yourself in your safe place slowly adding your inner sensing abilities until you can actually feel yourself there, in your safe place as much as you can feel yourself in your meditation place. Eventually, you should feel yourself in your safe place more than you feel yourself as you meditate.

Start out by visualizing, but as you become more skillful you will actually be there, your physical body in your meditation place and your soul, spirit, and consciousness in your inner safe place, fully conscious, fully aware. Develop this safe place to use each time you choose to work with electromagnetic energy.

Always relax your physical body as thoroughly as you are able before you enter your inner safe place. Each time make sure that it is just the right room for you to study, focus, and work from. It might be high-tech with knobs, switches, lights, and gauges or it may be a vast library with little people scurrying off at your command to fetch this or that piece of information. It is your room to work with your electromagnetic energy.

Call this place your Scalar Focus Room, your Resonance, Electromagnetic, or whatever name that you think is applicable. Your safe place should be a place where you could move as much as you like, sit in a comfortable workspace, and have paper, a pen, a computer or a cell phone to record your work.

Your safe place should be your secret, created according to your design. It is you so when you go there your body automatically relaxes in your space.


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