Who Are Your Unseen Friends

Excerpt from the book – Angels and Your other Unseen Friends

Almost everyone curious about the unseen worlds wants to know who, and sometimes, what make up the ranks of the unseens. The next question most people ask is if we are unable to hear them with our ears and see them with our eyes, how then do we communicate with them? For this purpose, we will divide our unseens into three groups. The first is the unseens you have a kinship with who represent higher or lower parts of yourself. Examples of these lower parts would be your negative ego, martyrdom self, and self-pity self. These parts are evolving and maturing so they tend to demand most of your waking and sleeping time and attention. Other more advanced aspects of yourself that are also a part of this group include your High Self, Soul, and Spirit. Many of these popular New Age and metaphysical concepts will be defined, discussed, and explained in different ways and places, throughout this book. Also see the Glossary and Index in the back. These higher aspects of self also include parts of your spiritual anatomy such as your different aware bodies, parts, appendages, and organs of your spiritual self.

The second group is made up of both disincarnate and incarnate beings who are not you but are from the same incarnational group. Disincarnate unseens are those beings not presently inhabiting mineral bodies or in possession of life-force. They are, however, still caught in the so-called wheel of life ruled by the laws of reincarnation. This group also includes the few who have escaped the incarnation cycle and have consciously held their own evolution back to help those who remain caught in the wheel. Deceased relatives and friends, as well as historical and religious figures, are usually the most recognizable of this group. They could represent relationships you have experienced in past, future, parallel, probable, or simultaneous lives. They could also be the result of vows made or unfinished business from other lifetimes. Incarnate unseens are living human beings who, subconsciously and unconsciously, act as unseens when their bodies are asleep or during certain incidents when they are unaware of themselves and unaware of their helping you. Members of the animal, plant, and elemental kingdoms can also be part of this group.

Other consciousnesses, who are overseen by the angels or other members of the spiritual hierarchy supporting us, also fall into this category. This group can be called your spiritual sponsors, because these unseens, for the most part, have no kinship with you, but support you with the various projects and programs you attempt. For instance, when you meditate, participate in competitive sports, work to improve your occupational skills, or in any way attempt to expand your awareness, these beings wrap their resonance around you to give you a structure to grow into. Their resonance is perfection, the complete structure or matrix of the possible. We, as parts of the whole, are only able to understand our small piece of that matrix and our spiritual sponsors help us with that understanding.

The third group is made up of members of the spiritual hierarchy. They include the Angels, Archangels, and Archi as well as extraterrestrials and other beings who are not part of the human incarnation group but hold the spiritual rank of angel or above. Angels usually have the most impact and influence over humankind because they work with the individual. The archangels work with groups while the archi focus on the world and humankind as a whole. The archangels and archi have very little to do with the day-to-day life of the individual human.

The Angels became enlightened human beings at the same time humankind was choosing to become physical. They have focused almost entirely on humans and our development since. It is impossible for us to imagine the creativity, knowledge, and individual strength that many of our unseens developed as they guided and coaxed us to this state of evolution. Most of your complex unseen relationships started a very long time ago. The Angels, besides being enlightened human beings, are different from us because they did not experience a third-dimensional mineral earth evolution like ours. No other evolutionary group has. That is why there are no manuals or instructions for us to follow as we enter a time period called the New Age. That is also why there are no maps for us to navigate the New World in which we are increasingly waking into. Angels are, however, crucial to our evolution and we are necessary for theirs. They teach, guide, and protect us while we are evolving into conscious creators. As we become conscious, they evolve. When we become aware of being conscious, they will ascend, evolve, or graduate to archangel status. This is a purely human description, which probably does not even come close to the real picture, but we humans would not be able to understand the real picture.

You, like most human beings, have one guardian angel who has protected and guided you since your entry into physicality. The dedication, love, and focus your guardian angel has given you is unimaginable. Other angels are also assigned to aid and help you through various dramas, losses, sicknesses, and diseases in your present life. Some of these are assigned to one or sometimes a group of your lifetimes while others may focus only on one lifetime or specific problems running through groups of lives. Angels and other unseens could be assigned to help you solve the problems most people attribute to karma. Others help you develop skills needed by You-as-Soul or You-as-Spirit. There are angels and unseens who guide you through one problem, one lifetime or a full incarnational cycle. Likewise, there are unseens who watch over you by connecting you to other human beings who have agreed to help during this sanctioned lifetime. Sanctioned lifetimes are incarnations which have authorization to be born to fulfill a particular set of goals. There are some incarnated unsanctioned human beings, but they have little or no help or support from the unseens and usually even less from other living human beings, including their own family members.

Some unseens are extraterrestrial. They represent many dimensions and levels within dimensions. The ones you learn about are often from your starseed origins. Your starseed is probably an ether, astral, or etheric lifetime or series of lifetimes which you spent in other dimensions or worlds. You are connected because your starseed life or lives remain very significant to you-as-Soul. Seldom are these lifetimes spent in physical mineral bodies.

The significance of your starseed origins is usually connected to specific skills or abilities you mastered then and still possess unconsciously now. Your unseens from these worlds usually teleport, bi-locate, or otherwise visit this world in nonphysical form to learn what you know about feelings and creating your own reality. They also come to remind you of skills and/or abilities which you have forgotten or are unable to assimilate into your physical incarnation. Most of these are soul- or spirit-focused, which usually require deep meditative work to uncover and assimilate into your everyday life. These beings could be from either the dark or light worlds or from the enumerable shades or levels in-between. Those who help you become more than you have been are your unseen friends. Those who do not help you, whose advice is wrong, or who attempt to harm you are unseens, but they are not your unseen friends.

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