Conscious Healing


Self-healing is a complicated art that we incarnated to learn as we became aware of ourselves. Self-healing starts with the awareness that all healing is self-healing, and all sickness is self-sickness. We write, produce, and star in our living soap operas. We decide our own fates, design our own tragedies, and preplan our joys. We create ourselves as cowards, heroes, victims, or average joes to learn this art because the lessons we need to learn are best understood by knowing who we are; whom we designed ourselves to be.

 The very reason that we are alive is to become conscious that we create our reality, and why. We can either learn consciously or unconsciously, but we will all learn our lessons during this lifetime. We don’t have to know the intricacies of how we create our reality because just by knowing that we do releases us from the thoughts, emotions, and feelings of judgment, blame, jealousy, and other related lower vibrations. Understanding how we create our reality is a knowing; it is not knowledge. The knowing is obtained when the soul is free enough from the anchors of the lower thoughts and feelings to understand what it really means to us as evolving beings that we are Soul, and we are Spirit.

 Being conscious is so much more than knowing what you had for breakfast and deciding what articles of clothing you want to be seen in today. Being conscious is what the elders and wise call being in the Now or moment, being totally present within yourself and your environment. It is a state of being that the human incarnational stream is just becoming aware of while still being almost, almost unaware of what we are even talking about.

 Conscious healing is a skill of the future, not the present, but those living in the present are important links to that future. We are the adventurers, the explorers who are building the base on which future humans will build and experiment. Those future humans are us. We are building the base for our future selves to expand upon. Everything we do not only affects our future in this life but is creating potentials for our future lives.

Every meditation, every thought of a creator, savior, or Goddess, and every skill you have learned in your quest for healing yourself and others is a steppingstone that future others will walk to get to where you are now. Your training, your knowledge about yourself, and your awareness of the world are your power, your purpose, and the answers to your questions. Learning from others is necessary, but you will only find wisdom and awareness by looking within. If there are blocks, unresolved traumas, and dramas within they need to be acknowledged and cleared, if possible, to allow wisdom and awareness to blossom.

 Human beings are multidimensional beings. We exist in many dimensions at once. Time and space restrict your physical body as long as you can keep the spark of life active, but space and time do not exist on the many plains you exist on. There is so much more to you than you will ever know, but you can learn as much as you are capable of absorbing while you live, or you can wait until your next life between death and rebirth. If you learn now you will save yourself time and aggravation; if you wait until your life between death and rebirth your next physical life may be delayed because you had to learn emotional, mental, and spiritual lessons you could solve in minutes while you are still physical.

 Consciousness is a resonance that is imbuing itself within you. Welcome it, question it, expand it. It is a gift that few have yet to open.

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