Multidimensional Healing

We are all multidimensional beings existing on multi-levels at once, even though most of us are not aware of it. When we attempt to work on an emotional issue on the normal conscious level, we do nothing to resolve the issue on the many levels that it actually exists and affects us. We are affected by entity attachments, past life connections, negative thought forms, cellular memory, fragments of others that we have attracted or fragments of ourselves that we have lost. We carry devices, implants, damaged blueprints, genetic programming, and trapped energy patterns. As earthly human beings, our conscious focus is normally on the third dimension.

We look around and almost everything in our awareness leads us to the conclusion that there is nothing more to our reality than what we see, feel, touch, taste or smell (ordinary reality). However, if we alter our state of consciousness, we can open our awareness beyond the third dimension to the vastness of the worlds that actually interact with and affect our lives (non-ordinary reality). By looking at an issue on its many dimensions from Source to self, we are able to finally release it at every affected level.





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About The Author

Edward is a lifetime metaphysician, a second-generation

multidimensional healer, international teacher, and lecturer.

He is retired and presently reside in New Mexico, USA.

 The Author’s Intent

Most of what I have written here can be proven through physical science but I am not a scientist. I am an observer who looks at the world through a metaphysical lens and who sees the human condition flowing on an evolutionary stream that carries us forward despite our objections. I have a metaphysician’s curiosity about spiritual or otherworldly causes for diseases, sicknesses, and accidents as well as traumas, dramas, and negative energy interferences.

Most of the information on this website is about my experiences as a multidimensional healer. Over those many years, I developed certain beliefs that define me so I will describe myself through my beliefs. Some are below, others will follow.

Belief: I create my own reality.

I create every moment of my reality either by allowing or by doing and you do too. That sounds really deep to some, dumb to others, and incomprehensible to the rest but every moment we exist as physical beings we create and recreate ourselves. Human beings have reached the evolutionary level that requires us to discover for ourselves how and why we create our reality.

The truth is that no one knows how they create their reality although there are a lot of people who profess to know the secret. We are not supposed to know how, we are supposed to discover how. Those of us alive today who are interested in the subject are the ones who are choosing to create a base from which future generations will discover the answers to those secrets which we will be reborn fully equipped with in our next reincarnation.

There are no prerequisites. It is a matter of using what you already know. Dig deeper into this website and you will discover methods and procedures that may help you on your journey, a journey no one can travel but you.

Belief: I do not have a soul, I am Soul. I do not have a spirit, I am Spirit.

Soul and Spirit are not aspects of you nor are they parts of you. They are you! You are Soul and you are Spirit and so much more. Consciousness is becoming aware that it is more but it is difficult for consciousness to expand to the degree necessary to accept the responsibility such realizations require.

Soul is difficult to communicate with because consciousness tends to verbalize which is more conducive to Spirit. Soul responds to honest feelings which few of us are able to do for any sustainable length of time.

Belief: All accidents, diseases, or physical imbalances are first experienced by the etheric bodies before manifesting on or in the dense physical body.

Change on the etheric level is needed if healing is desired sounds complex and difficult but if you are reading this you already everything to take place for you to change yourself and your reality. Learn how to move in and out of time and space to your past and future lifetimes and you can avoid, overcome, or invalidate

Belief: Trauma or drama cannot be healed in real time; it must be healed in the time and space it was created.

Trauma and drama are strange phenomena that can predict future greatness or tragedy. They are also tools used by Soul in much the same way that it uses sickness, accidents, and disease. Soul uses these uncomfortable stages of health and well-being to get the attention of its consciousness because we humans do not think of spirituality or our destiny if we always feel good and our life is without conflict. We create our conflict to learn how to handle conflict. We create our dysfunctional relationships to learn to create future functional relationships.

I have not met a psychic, artist, musician, alcoholic, drug addict, or any other person who was not molded by trauma. Souls, us, you, me, we all use trauma in our reality creation to form who we are although our consciousness is usually unaware that all this manipulation is going on because it is so intently focused on functioning in a very complex and disorganized world.

There is supposed to come a time when we stop being unconscious of the traumas and dramas that guided us through our earlier developmental stages and I think that time is this life, not the next or the next. This life is the time to become consciously aware of the traumas and dramas that formed us. This is done by feeling. Feeling once understood can be followed to the time and place that the trauma or drama was created whether in a past or future physical world life or any number of etheric existences that includes feeling being created.

I include many ways to seek out what ails you not all of which will work for you. Self-healing is the only healing; other efforts are attempts to assist the body to heal. I recommend that if any self-healing method or technique does not make a difference in two to three weeks it is not your fault. It means that the system is not for you so drop it and find another path that works.

The five Fs—Feel, Find, Fix, Forget, Freedom—are the steps that will free you from your traumas and dramas. These steps are taken by you every day but you take them unconsciously so they have a minimal effect. From before your conception, through your developmental stages into old age walking between worlds, visiting past and future lifetimes, and learning to identify and communicate with your unseen friends are just a few of the journeys these five steps will take you on.

If anything makes you feel bad the Feeling will guide you to Find the cause of the discomfort. Once found Fix the problem. When the problem is fixed Forget it. Stop thinking about it and Freedom will be maintained.

The steps, paths, and journeys discussed in the blog posts and articles may add to the tools you can use to find your freedom.

Belief: Humans were created to eventually be mother earth’s guardians.

Everything has consciousness and can be communicated with. The aboriginal shaman and peoples were synonymous with the elemental, plant, and animal kingdoms. Modern humans are becoming synonymous with other humans, angels, and archangels which means that we are experiencing a paradigm shift, a new age, which requires old tools used in new and creative ways. Shamanism is human nature; like human nature, it must change as humans evolve.

Everyone in this new world is by definition a 21st Century Shaman because they are adventurers who will use the skills of the shaman to meet the challenges that will confront them.

The 19th and 20th Century Shaman developed tools to understand their worlds that are functional in the 21st century. We must release what we have been taught along with our beliefs and images of the shaman of the past centuries and use their tools to navigate through mass media, the constant changing, and instant information digital world of today.

Belief: Mass Consciousness

Mass consciousness used to be a teaching aid but it has now become a detriment to human evolution. Mass consciousness is the accumulation of all human activities, thoughts, deeds, beliefs, mores, and folkways since the fall of Atlantis. Mass consciousness acts as a mental and emotional instinct, a sort of downloadable encyclopedia, which humans have used as a base until their own life experiences replace them.

Some of your treasures are your purpose and your true power. You have trained yourself from conception gathering the skills that will help you through the chaos and confusion, fear, and trepidation that the world is experiencing.

We have evolved enough to be consciously awakened to the spiritual being we are, have been, and always will be but there is a catch—each of us must learn new skills and apply those skills to a new paradigm. This alteration of human consciousness does not come with a manual or operating instructions. It only comes with a spark of energy that signifies the end goal that we will all eventually reach because within this universe of free will each of us must make our own way from where we started to here and from here to the future there. That is what we all signed up to do, how we accomplish our journey depends on our Soul/Spirit goals.

This awareness makes each of us capable of becoming conscious of the reasons we incarnated and the purposes we chose to accomplish during our incarnation. These are like our individual chores that we promised ourselves we would work on if we met our goal of becoming conscious enough to remember who we are and aware that everyone on the planet shares certain goals. One of the most important of these is to rekindle our individuated spiritual light while we still possess life energy.

That single act is the most important accomplishment any of us can do. This is the most monumental lifetime we have ever or will ever live. For millenniums, during our countless lifetimes, both past and future, we have packed away memories to recall and treasures to rediscover. Long ago we perfected abilities and skills that we hid within the mysteries of Soul, to resurrect when a particular lifetime required such specialties.

Mass media is a modern metaphor for mass consciousness. As a phenomenon, it is teaching us as individuals how to handle large amounts of information responsibly.

Belief: Human beings are creator gods in training.

 As an evolutionary stream, we alternate between living as incarnated mineral/physical human beings and returning to Spirit where we experience a complete reeducation during our lives between death and rebirth. Those of us alive are fortunate because we are observing the world as it experiences pure chaos a state where nothing is spared confusion and where everything must be reconstructed or abandoned.

Absolute change is taking place which will result in the emergence of three paths that will be chosen during this lifetime and walked during our next lifetime. The choice we make will reflect the resonance we are and the being we will become during the next half of our journey through the physical realms.

These are interesting and controversial subjects that are reflected by politics. Politics is the art of relationships; all of us are politicians but most of us do not make it a profession. We are constantly demanding, compromising, and debating all the while trending toward some level of prejudice. We do not notice the feeling and sensations our thoughts and ideas generate when we are political. Where your mark is cast on the scale from conservative to progressive on the political scale says a lot about your future incarnations, your evolutionary maturity, and the development of you-as-Soul.

Politics resides in the first three chakras—security, pleasure, and relationships—the physical chakras. Fixing the feelings that are generated by thought and senses when politics is discussed can lead to enlightenment.

This Website

This website is dedicated to all of us who know without a doubt that we have something to offer ourselves and humankind, yet we haven’t a clue about what it is or what to do about it. Each of us has a key that opens our locked memories and abilities. That key can be found in the many difficulties and problems that we are confronted with in our everyday mundane life. Finding that key and opening ourselves to ourselves is something each of us agreed to attempt during this lifetime. Some of us are more committed to this goal than others, but everyone is motivated from within to accomplish as much as he or she is able with the tools and skills they developed and stored to be rediscovered during this lifetime.

You may find some of your answers inside.