Multidimensional Reality

We are all multidimensional beings existing on multiple levels at once, even though most are not aware of it. When we attempt to work on an emotional issue on the normal conscious level, we do nothing to resolve the issue on the many levels that it actually exists and affects us. We are affected by entity attachments, past life connections, negative thought forms, cellular memory, fragments of others that we have attracted or fragments of ourselves that we have lost.

We are vibrations, resonances, who as Spirit and Soul are able to hold focus as mineral/physical human being for many decades. We evolve by gathering other vibrations and resonances, but sometimes we gather the wrong vibrations and resonances. Modern psychology with its infinite offshoots has developed healing methods for the mineral/physical body, but they have failed to address what we human beings are. We are Soul and Spirit beings who create our reality, good and bad, rich and poor, male and female. we create these to learn and to evolve. 

What we create we must maintain, and maintenance takes enormous amounts of personal energy. When the ancients passed down the wisdom of letting go, they were talking about releasing energy that a person does not need, but retains possession of, and the upkeep of that energy.

There is nothing scary or mysterious about working with energy because we create what we are experiencing. We create our reality. We are so focused on this creation that we have little time to do more or think about being more creative. We seem to have enough energy to idolize the humans who can obtain notoriety, riches, and fame.  

Devices, implants, damaged blueprints, genetic programming, and trapped energy patterns are bad names for energies we do not understand.

As earthly human beings, our conscious focus is normally on the third dimension because as we observe our world everything in our awareness leads us to the conclusion that there is nothing more to our reality than what we see, feel, touch, taste, or smell (ordinary reality). However, if we alter our state of consciousness, we can open our awareness beyond the third dimension to the vastness of the worlds that interact with and affect our lives (non-ordinary reality).

This new world is demanding each of us to learn to adapt to change without physical, emotional, or mental disruption. For my generation it is extremely difficult but as the generations are born, they are less and less affected by change. This will take many more generations for humans to be as fluid as change.

Those who have an interest in understanding themselves by studying their conscious role in the creation of their life are explorers and catalysts for future generations by learning what they already know.

I create my reality. — Healing can only take place in the time and space the damage was anchored in Soul and Spirit. — I am the only one who can heal myself.   






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Edward is a lifetime metaphysician,

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