The Adventurer – The 21st Century Shaman


The traditional shaman is commonly pictured as a wise old man adorned in feathers, bones, and leather beating a drum or a crone huddled over an open fire grinding herbs. It is a common belief that shamans possess abilities that bridge the physical and nonphysical worlds. It is believed that their rituals gathered power, their closeness to the earth and its creatures grounded them, and their thoughts created a spiritual warrior belief system. These are correct because the shamans of recorded time were humans whose skills echoed the environment and the resources they had to work with.

The shaman of old were the craftsmen and craftswomen of their time. In our time we call them tradesmen, doctors, lawyers, politicians, and parents. We call them healers, preachers, barbers, hairdressers, and bartenders. Humans today have the same abilities that shamans possessed yesterday although the old and the new worlds are as different as the Earth and the moon the humans are the same.

The shamans of old were warriors. They made allies with animals and birds and fought demons and sickness from the lower realms.

Today’s shamans are adventurers who occupy different realms. Their demons arise from the emotional and mental realms. They do not use weapons but develop the awareness of being Souls and Spirits to identify and solve their own problems, traumas, and dramas so they become wise enough to solve humanity’s problems. The 21st Century Shamans rework the tools of the old shamans to use in their everyday life, relationships, occupation, and play.

The modern human is developing a connection with our physical world that the shamans of the past had with Mother Earth. Everything is mineral, and minerals live, so everything around us is alive, not in the same way we describe life, but alive in its own way. Everything is a soul and spirit, but humans are the only beings who as Soul and Spirit reside within our form. The Spirit that is an animal remains outside the animal’s form. The plant as Soul and Spirit experiences itself as a plant from outside the plant’s mineral body. The mineral as life body, Soul, and Spirit are also outside its form. Everything lives and if treated with respect for what it is the complexities of life become less entangled. Humankind was created to become guardians of the mineral earth and all her inhabitants—mineral, plant, animal, and human. We are awakening to that fact; we are becoming conscious of ourselves and our purpose, but we have a long way yet to travel.

The adventurers are the 21st Century Shamans who live in an age overloaded with information, possibilities, and stimulation. Just as the shaman of old traditionally bridged worlds, the 21st Century Shaman must be able to bridge the physical and nonphysical worlds by developing new skills to access and filter the wealth of information presented daily. The nonphysical worlds visited by the old shamans are not the same worlds visited by the adventurers. Although the destinations are different the mode of travel is the same.

The adventurers are enthusiastic about the future because they know that they are creating the pathways for that future to unfold. They ask questions that they know as yet have no answers. Everything is new.

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