I am a lifetime metaphysician, a second-generation

multidimensional healer, international teacher, and lecturer.

I am presently on a writing sabbatical in New Mexico, USA.

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The Author’s Intent

Most of what I have written here is not provable with physical science. In fact, for most of us, much of it has not even been consciously available until recently when it begins to trickle into everyone’s awareness. With this awareness, each of us is capable of becoming conscious of the reasons we incarnated and the purposes we chose to accomplish during our incarnation. These are like our individual chores we promised ourselves that we would do if we met our goal of becoming conscious enough to remember who we are and become aware that everyone on the planet shares certain goals. One of the most important of these is to rekindle our individuated spiritual light within while we still possess life energy.

That single act is the most important accomplishment any of us can do. This is the most monumental lifetime we have ever or will ever live. For millenniums, during our countless lifetimes, both past and future, we have packed away memories to recall and treasures to rediscover. Long ago we perfected abilities and skills that we packed within the mysteries of Soul to someday resurrect when a particular lifetime required such specialties.

During a long-forgotten lifetime when we were more spiritual than we were physical we knew that in one of our future lifetimes we would not have the knowledge or training to perfect certain abilities and skills we needed in that future most monumental lifetime of our creation. That lifetime is now and the abilities and skills we stored within Soul are needed now. As we become conscious, that information and light will be awakened through our intent and we will rediscover the power we individually possess and the skills to implement those powers in our lives.

This website is dedicated to all of us who know without a doubt that we have something to offer ourselves and humankind, yet we haven’t a clue about what to do about it. Each of us has a key that opens our locked memories and abilities. That key can be found in the many difficulties and problems that you are confronted with in your everyday mundane life. Finding that key and opening yourself to yourself is something each of us agreed to attempt during this lifetime. Some of us are more committed to this goal than others, but everyone is motivated from within to accomplish as much as he or she is able with the tools and skills they developed and stored to be rediscovered during this lifetime.

You may find some of your answers inside.

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