Maturation starts with conception and culminates at or around twenty-one years of age and refers to physical growth. It takes that amount of time for most of us to learn how to walk, talk, and develop healthy relationships, but the period before conception must also be included when examining the first twenty-one years of a physical/mineral life.

Soul decides when life begins; no other deciders, religions, humans, or beliefs can dictate or change the life decisions of Soul. The Soul does have a window to commit to the developing fetus or infant. It begins at the moment of conception to seventy-two hours after birth. If the Soul chooses not to commit to life the fetus or infant’s body dies and Soul begins another attempt to either reenter the mother through conception or seek another mother who was a prechosen second choice.

Soul/Spirit’s pre-conception planning is a time when other Soul/Spirit beings agree to their parts as parents, siblings, friends, lovers, and enemies. During this time, life contingencies are negotiated, and life purposes are designed. As Soul/Spirit we created this life to allow our developing consciousness to choose which paths to take to get from conception to our goals and purposes. Eventually, we learn responsibilities through the consequences we experience from the choices we make.

I prefer to discuss developmental cycles in twenty-one-year intervals so maturation covers the first cycle which represents three seven-year sub-cycles. WombTime represents the time between conception and birth. Birth, infanthood, and childhood are experienced during the first seven years, adolescence the second seven, and young adulthood takes place during the last seven-year sub-cycle.

Most of the damage from trauma and dramas that grown-ups and some adults are plagued with is experienced and set in the time and space starting during the WombTime and continuing through the first seven years which are the pre-logic and reasoning years.

This website will focus on pre-conception through the first seven years but after I get established, I will put some supporting information about the second and third sub-cycles of the maturation cycle.

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