How Can I Make A Difference?


There are no unnecessary human beings. Everyone is necessary whether good or evil. If alive we still have a role to fulfill, a life purpose to complete yet few of us know what that means or what we are supposed to do about it. I will be putting some of my thoughts down that may explain how anyone can change the world by learning how to absorb and utilize the power of chaos for good. Personal actions can reduce the stress on the earth, the environment, and humanity itself. I will be putting the pieces together but it will take a while. Please be patient.

Where I have placed the figure (More), I will be adding information that will explain the statement that preceded it.

This first of a series of entries will be aimed at discovering the power of individuals and groups of human beings. The focus will be on changing the weather locally, regionally, and worldwide. To change the weather, one must take responsibility for its consequences. This site is for those individuals who are adult enough to accept that responsibility and wise enough to use the energy they acquire for their health and well-being. When a person begins to feel healthy themselves, they can help loved ones, others, and Mother Earth herself.

I am not going to comment on the blogs of others or recommend websites, organizations, or similar methods. This website is a discussion about multidimensional reality and how every man, woman, and child can discover and use their inner strengths and powers to improve every facet of their lives. Individual empowerment, the power given to oneself can reshape one’s life, health, and wealth.

This idea is based on believing the following statements are or could be true.

Mother Earth’s emotions are human emotions on a grand scale. (More)

Human emotional energy and Mother Earth’s weather are electromagnetic. (More)

Weather is the outcome of mother earth’s emotions. (More)

Humans feel and absorb the emotions of other human beings. (More)

Humans are made of substances and elements supplied by mother earth. (More)

Humans can absorb, redirect, and enhance damaging energy and redirect it for their welfare, for the benefit of others, and for healing Mother Earth. (More)

Human beings are capable of absorbing large amounts of electromagnetic energy and through intent, they can transform that energy into positive energy that can be used individually, for the good of others, and given to Mother Earth. (More)

In general, wherever there is friction or movement there is electromagnetic energy, or electromagnetic force (EM Force). The sun produces the most consistent and sustaining EM Force, while massive storms, earth upheavals, freezes, droughts, and floods produce enormous amounts of EM Force. Individual human emotions also produce large amounts of EM Force. Sporting events, concerts, and emotional exchanges between two people can create significant amounts of EM Force that can be gathered, transmuted, and focused to transform danger and uncertainty into good deeds beyond anyone’s wildest dreams.

Electromagnetic force is a power already harnessed by humans so why don’t we learn to harness it consciously and instead of having just enough EME to keep our bodies functioning we should be able to accumulate surplus power in order to heal ourselves, others, and Mother Earth?

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