​WombTime: A Multidimensional Perspective

Viewing the womb-time/birth process from a multidimensional perspective imbues it with a depth and meaning that it does not have from the scientific or third dimensional point of view. Most people feel the awe of bringing new life into the world and they understand that a soul has entered the physical body.

There is much, much more going on behind the scenes that most people are not in touch with. The shock of birth is worse than the shock of death. The new personality is not entirely focused, and it must make immediate critical adjustments of the strongest nature. Seth/Jane Roberts

First of all, birth is not a random process. Long before conception takes place, planning of the lifetime begins on the inner realms. There is a place in the in-between worlds that I call the Hall of Decision-Making or Room of Contracts. In this hall we meet with our High Self, Soul/Spirit, the pure soul essences of our parents-to-be, future family members and friends. It is here that our life’s purpose is decided. Then, to fulfill that life purpose we choose the family members who will enable us to do so as well as the ultimate geographical location and historical time frame. Sometimes planning takes place up to five generations in advance to assure the appropriate gene pool to support the life focus. In this process, as a soul planning a future life, we make thousands of contracts with other souls planning to incarnate in the same space/time. Primary contracts are made with souls who are going to make significant contributions to us during our lifetime. Other souls agree on contingency contracts which may be activated by certain circumstances. Out of necessity, preplanned arrangements are constantly being altered because, on earth, we all have free choice. Since we forget our carefully made plans as we pass into physicality through the veils between worlds, our lives often unfold in ways that we had not envisioned from the “other side.’ The information about our life plans remain in the Hall of Records and can be accessed by reaching an altered state of consciousness. Long before conception our High Self, Soul/Spirit make very specific choices about who we will be and the framework in which we will operate in the coming lifetime.

We incarnate on Earth as an extension of our High Self and Soul/Spirit so that they can explore the realm of emotion through us. Each lifetime has specific emotional focuses which are priorities. In order to assure that we will explore these certain emotions we set ourselves up in situations that will guarantee our focus. The chosen focus is the range of emotions resulting from unconditional love (or the absence of it) and we plan to be born to parents who cannot give love unconditionally, but grandparents who will. Or we chose to explore the emotions involved in abandonment and so we have planned to be born to a mother who dies while giving us life and a father who will not, or cannot, take on mother’s nurturing role. In another lifetime we were not successful at living an expanded life so we set up a framework in which to explore contraction until we must break free or die. The plot possibilities are endless as are the context or framework in which they can be played out.

A child born to two parents is also an offspring of the earth, its tissues as surely a part of earth as any tree or flower or burst of ocean spray. A human child, true, but an offspring in which the entire history of the earth is involved — a new creation arising not just from two parents, but from the entire gestalt of nature, from which the parents themselves once emerged; a private yet public affair in which the physical elements of earth become individualized; in which psyche [soul] and earth cooperate in a birth that is human, and in other terms, divine. Seth/Jane Roberts

Very elaborate plans are drawn up for the more complex lifetimes and education to support our choices is undertaken in preparation for the coming exploration. The wisest of counselors are consulted and very careful consideration goes into the planning. All of this is done to give our High Self, through Soul/Spirit, the opportunity to experience all that there is to experience. Each lifetime is an attempt for the Soul to work toward becoming complete in its earthly experience of Self. From my point of view the soul is not seeking to balance karma, although it may appear to be so. For instance, as an oversimplification: If a person kills someone then he/she has experienced the emotions involved in killing. In another lifetime the Soul will want its incarnation to explore the emotions of being killed by another. What is often referred to as karma I consider to actually be the Soul’s search for experiencing All or reaching a State of Balance.

After plans for the coming lifetime have been finalized and study has been completed, then conception takes place. At the split moment of conception, the egg, and sperm from the physical bodies of mother and father fuse forming the original cell. A fragment of mother’s and father’s life force enters that first cell. As the cell divides and grows, these life forces establish themselves or settle within either the physical, auric, or etheric body. The location where the life force settles is the same location where the corresponding parent’s thought forms will gather, influencing how we relate to our parents and other authority figures. At the explosion of conception another life force also enters the original cell as a gift from God, Goddess, All That Is. This is the life force that instinctively connects us to our spiritual source in a deep knowing that we are eternal. When our conscious awareness of conception is forgotten, our cellular, psychic, and spiritual memories haunt us to remember Home. Core beliefs regarding the dynamics of sexual relationships can often be traced to conception because each of our cells, which come from the original cell, contain the exact emotional imprint of what mother was feeling during intercourse with father. Likewise, each cell contains the emotional imprint of father’s feelings. As the fetus continues to develop over the next nine months, it is a thinking, feeling entity busy observing its surroundings. Mostly etheric in the earlier months, becoming more physical as it nears birth, the fetus is not confined to merely observing the warm darkness of the womb. It is eavesdropping on the entire world surrounding mother. Because of the very strong bond with mother that comes from sharing her body and seeing the world view through her “eyes,” eighty percent or more of our pre-verbal core beliefs originate directly from mother. The remaining twenty percent come from father and significant other people who are close to mother.

The fetus empathically absorbs everybody sensation, emotion and thought that mother, or others close to her, are experiencing. As that information is accumulated by the fetus it becomes part of his/her preparation for life after birth. It is crucial to survival. As the fetus absorbs the body sensations, emotions, and thoughts that it is exposed to in the womb, it stores them in specific locations — most of which are learned from mother’s storage pattern. After birth many of the same somatic patterns learned in the womb continue automatically. (Note: How and where we store emotions has a great deal to do with our physical appearance and development of illness throughout our lives and is especially noticeable as we age. Hence, often we look more like mother as we grow older. Illnesses attributed to genetics may actually be more linked to like-emotional response/storage.) Mother’s experience of pregnancy is individual and can have lasting effects on the fetus she is carrying. If mother was consistently experiencing stress, anxiety, and tension throughout the gestation period, then the physical body of the fetus/newborn/child/adult will experience anxiety and tension as his/her body’s natural feeling sense.

Some important developmental and emotional wombtime experiences that need to be examined are: 1) In some cases mother’s physical body attempts to reject the fetus causing it to develop/survive in a hostile womb environment. The result could be core associations being made between mother’s love, physical pain, rejection, self-worth, and the ability to be loved. 2) Mother’s addictions to tobacco, alcohol, or drugs during pregnancy causing addiction behaviors that are anchored in the womb-time. 3) Feelings of abandonment, loss, grief, fear, stress, anxiety, etc. resulting from mother’s feelings about father, her parents, incidents that happened to her, or core beliefs that she had absorbed from her mother. 4) Feelings of being spaced-out, confused, and not being in the body could be responses learned from mother in her attempt to avoid or deny. 5) Mother’s reaction to stress, her withdrawal from intimacy, etc., during pregnancy may result in the child/adult repeating the same patterns throughout life. At conception, upon creation of the original cell, Spirit enters that cell. It then continues to oversee and energize the construction of the physical body following a blueprint plan devised in the Hall of Decision-Making and subsequently held by the Soul. The life force from a past personality incarnation (past life), whose issues or emotions are closely linked to the current lifetime, also joins at conception, participating in the direction the development of the physical body. This past lifetime energy has usually completed its pre-birth participation by the end of the third month and quietly retreats. (It often transfers to the new incarnation its core beliefs which can then become a source of groundless emotions; for instance, rage, sorrow, or fear.)

Soul oversees Spirit in the fetal development and waits to commit to the lifetime until it is assured that the framework being developed will support the original purpose of the lifetime. If the framework is sufficient, it will enter the body at the appropriate time. Some souls enter at conception or during the fetal stage if there is a strong relationship between the parents and the child-to-be and they are anxious to rejoin one another. Souls usually have very little participation during the first three months of fetal development. Most enter closer to birth and may wait until seventy-two hours after birth. If the Soul does not commit to life within seventy-two hours of birth, the infant dies. After birth and throughout the lifetime the Soul continues its assessment of the lifetime and its commitment to remain in the physical world. (Sometimes a Soul chooses to leave because its lessons were learned and its desired experiences were achieved. At other times, the personality or circumstances can veer so far off course from the original plan that the desired exploration and growth is not possible. In this case it is best, from the Soul’s perspective, to end the life, regroup and start over.) As Soul and Spirit oversee development of the auric, etheric, mental, and emotional bodies which down-step to create the physical body, the cellular physical body consciousness develops separately taking its instructions from the DNA.

The physical body is the synergy of the trillions of individual cell consciousnesses which create it. That synergy is the body consciousness, an awareness that is physical—it is an earth or matter consciousness unrelated to Soul or Spirit. Any matter, whether it be a stone, a flower or a plastic spoon has a consciousness of matter. Sometimes hostilities develop in the earth consciousness of the physical body, especially at the time the Soul enters it. The longer the Soul takes to first enter the body, the more likely there is to be a problem with the physical body consciousness when it does enter. Hostilities can manifest as physical problems such as coldness or numbness and/or loss of function in various parts of the body. They can manifest emotionally as feelings such as not being good enough or, mentally, as the inability to focus or concentrate. If the body’s individual cellular consciousness overrules the Soul consciousness, then addictions, diseases, and other uncomfortable and unhealthy behaviors result.

The actual birth starts when mother’s water breaks and her contractions begin. As the fetus begins the process of being expelled from its home, its emotions mix with mother’s fears, expectations, and thoughts to form core beliefs concerning adventure, the unknown and the ability to choose or control surroundings, etc. Difficulties encountered when navigating the birth canal may develop such diverse core feelings as claustrophobia, unrealistic fear of dying, security concerns or mistrust of male/female authority figures. If mother was drugged, then the child, too, experienced that drug and entered the world feeling spaced-out, confused, disoriented. Tightening of the body as it enters the cold delivery room can register as the natural way to hold the body resulting later in tight, tense, and exhausted muscles. Likewise, entering into a bright room can cause tension in the eyes which, if held as a natural pattern, could lead to eye disfunction. Birth is an extremely aggressive act as the physical body bursts forth into a totally new environment. It is our most traumatic life experience even if the birth is a healthy and natural one.

There are many possibilities that can add additional trauma to the birth process and contribute to negative core beliefs. For instance, if the umbilical cord is cut or clamped before the child’s lungs are fully operational, the adult may experience addictions, breathing disorders, feelings of mistrust. How the infant was forced or coerced into breathing often has far-reaching effects. Chronic lower back pain, ankle, and knee problems may have originated from the shock of being held by the ankles, dangled in the air, and smacked on the buttocks. Because birth is the most traumatic of life’s events, there is much help and support given from the unseen spiritual world and the infant is well aware of all of the beings who are assisting in the process. The High Self, Soul/Spirit, Full Self, counselors, guides, teachers, and various helpers such as witnesses, and recorders line the room singing a tone or sound that is the etheric musical equivalent to the newborn’s Soul vibration. The unseens sing the child’s name and hold space for him/her to be born and then to breathe the first breath of life. This event can be remembered, and its damages can be reexperienced and eliminated.

Re-experiencing the vibration of the Soul allows the comparison of our current vibration to that of the pure vibration of our Soul for the purpose of alignment. (Note: Our Soul chooses our given name prior to conception because its vibration/meaning is in line with our Soul’s purpose.) The most devastating loss to the fetus/infant is the loss of the intimacy and safety of unconditional maternal love. The emotional connection between mother and fetus while in the womb is one of soul to soul or unconditional love. Upon birth the infant and mother relate to each other as physical beings and the personality of the mother cannot offer the unconditional love that her Soul has constantly provided in the womb. Mother’s personality usually does not know how to love as deeply as the newborn is ready to receive, and mother cannot receive what the newborn has to offer. There is a brief soul reunion after birth when the infant is placed on the mother’s body, but this is short-lived, and the connection is lost. This experience echoes the loss we felt when we originally left God, Goddess, All That Is.

As the fetus eavesdropped on its mother’s world from within the womb it was aware not only of her physical reality but, also, of other realities of which mother was not aware. The fetus has telepathic communication abilities with other people, animals and plants and is aware of its family’s unconscious psychic dynamics. By the time the child is born he/she has already learned to accept the parents’ idea of reality. The child is still aware of other realities, but this focus does not meet immediate needs. By focusing on the parents’ reality, recognition is received and wants are satisfied. The other realities are quickly discarded. In sleep, however, the newborn connects to the other worlds in which it is more familiar. Newborns sleep a great deal and part of the function of the extended sleep is to allow them to make the transition between worlds. Cutting of the umbilical cord may physically separate mother and child, but the infant remains totally attached to mother mentally, emotionally, and spiritually until the age of eighteen months. In fact, the infant cannot discern where mother ends and he/she begins. Just as in the fetus, the infant picks up emotions, thoughts, and feelings directly from mother and adopts them as his or her own. Post-partum depression, frustration at lifestyle change or lack of sleep all directly affect the infant and contribute to core beliefs.

The shock of birth is worse than the shock of death. The new personality is not entirely focused, and it must make immediate critical adjustments of the strongest nature. Seth/Jane Roberts