Metaphysical Politics

Physicists are starting to acknowledge what metaphysicians have always known, life is an illusion. Politics then is also an illusion and illusions are malleable and influenceable by dark, light, and in-between beings.

As a mental phenomenon, politics is the development of consensual relationships through debate, compromise, and agreement. Its consequences on the lives of physical beings can be negligible to substantial. As an art form, it can be graceful and compassionate or rigid and uncompromising.

As a picture of the present, the Now point of power, politics tells you where humankind and human individuals stand on the evolution continuum pointing in the direction of the path they will travel. There are three scenarios: enlightenment, mediocrity, and nightmare.

Politics is a predictor of the future, both short and long term. The thicker the atmospheric chaos, the harder it is to make accurate predictions, political or otherwise. Accuracy can be increased if metaphysical understanding is involved because it takes into consideration evolutionary expectations, soul evolvement, and personal development. The physical actions look at the physical actions alone.

The politics we are experiencing today do not resemble the politics of a decade ago; the chaos that has been creeping in slowly and insidiously has changed not only how politicians view their role but how everyone and everything views and acts out theirs.’ Everything we now consider as negative change agents have always been there veiled in lesser or more numerous roles.

This is one of the greatest gifts politics can give a consciously evolving being, the gift of self-awareness. You cannot experience a conversation, media, or a thought about politics without feeling emotion. What you feel, how, and where you experience the emotion is a ticket off this wheel of perpetual reincarnation. As the spiritual term of enlightenment means in plain language, fix what is broken and go Home! In real terms, you are home, you are always home and there is nothing broken, but a lot still needs to be fixed. Politics is one way to get there.

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