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This website will always be under construction. Really!

I started working on this website idea in 2004 but became distracted when I moved back to the US from Mexico after three plus years. The project was intended to be finished the next year but life got in the way and it faded from my attention. I found the files when I decided to refurbish my websites and decided that it would be a shame to allow this idea and material to go to waste. That is why I decided to publish what I could to see if it would start a conversation. It is better published here, mistakes and all, than not at all.

As I edit the introductions to the Eight Focus Sources, I will publish them and the supporting information, audio, and text as I can when I can as I attempt to recreate this old but needed site.


Anyone can control the weather if they take responsibility for the consequences.


With that in mind, if the weather is aggravated by the unhealed human emotions left behind by everyone inhabiting Mother Earth since humankind began to feel any kind of discomfort, pain, or death, the control of the weather is one of humankind’s responsibilities as guardians of the earth. On a physical basis rage, anger, chaos, terror, etc. are unable to be seen within a storm, but the storm is fed by that energy whether it can be seen or not. Learning how to drain a storm of its power and redirect that power where it is needed and, in the form, required by the recipients is an excellent way to help All That Is and to develop one’s emotional intelligence, conscious awareness, and psychic abilities even further.


I believe that if enough people focused on removing the energy from the weather we could calm storms, relax the earth, and even relieve those layers of discarded emotions left on the earth by all its human visitors evolving and growing. Earth cannot relieve herself of human discarded emotion, so layer by layer it has been building. This discarded energy has overflowed every spiritual container designed to store it. Unlike the massive oil spills on earth, spiritually, the ones who made the mess are responsible for cleaning up the mess, and if the responsibility is not carried out.


Discarded emotion is now affecting every facet of human existence. The responsible thing to do and the spiritually responsible thing to do is to put the energy pulled from the storm back into Mother Earth, someone who needs energy, or oneself. I have written about how and why negative accumulated human energy should be transmuted along with many meditations that can be used to transmute and redirect energy from eight different categories of negative sources.


This is one way we all can make a difference, no matter how powerless, small, or insignificant anyone feels, once they begin to drain Mother Earth’s excess energy and redirect it in a transmuted form a powerful difference is made.


This website cradles some of the notes I have written. I am looking to see if this creates interest from others before I go further.

What is Electromagnetic Energy

EME is one of the main ways that energy is distributed in an equitable way to everything in physical creation that has a temperature above absolute zero. Some say that it is Divine energy down stepped to the physical level, God as creative energy that permeates and fills all space. Others look at EME as measurable and predictable energy that makes the physical world work. Both define it as they see it, but for you to begin to understand the power and the destructiveness of EME is one of the ways that you can easily empower yourself and at the same time learn how you can become part of the solution to many of the problems facing humankind at this most critical evolutionary juncture.

Electromagnetic waves or radiation carry the energy that runs the universe.

First of all, electromagnetic waves or radiation carry the energy that runs the universe. That electromagnetic energy is released when the waves are absorbed by another object. If you look at the belief that energy can neither be created nor destroyed then this system supplies everything in the universe with all the energy needed.

Human beings usually have too little EME to run their bodies sufficiently.

We usually have too little EME to run our bodies sufficiently but wars and social upheavals, for instance, transform incalculable amounts of EME into potential destructive energy. That energy either pools in places on the earth or is absorbed by the earth. The earth has no natural way to rid herself of human-created EME so she releases it like weather, usually from our point of view, bad, damaging, furious weather.

We are new at becoming conscious, becoming aware that there is more to each of us than our human-hood, there is our spiritual self, our connection to Goddess/God All That Is or however one names their creator. We all incarnated to have fun, to grow into ourselves, but most of all to evolve spiritually. That is the itch everyone feels, the signal that there is more, there is purpose, there is reason to be. Learning to work with EME is one of those spiritual paths that one can walk using what has been learned and what is to be learned.

There is ample energy for every person, yet we humans have been taught to limit our energy intake because we divert it to our physical illnesses or painful sensations, emotional blocks, and errant mental beliefs and expectations. Beliefs such as not being good enough or not being enough, feelings such as hopelessness and worthlessness as well as body sensations of stress and tension limit the proper intake and distribution of energy throughout our physical body systems. While the earth attempts to relieve itself of excessive EME through storms, land, and sea upheavals we starve our bodies and minds of the abundant and available EME.

Storms and earth upheavals occur when there is too much EME Sickness and Death occur in humans who have too little EME.

Storms such as hurricanes, tsunamis, tornados, rain, wind, and heat produce enormous amounts of EME which is absorbed by the earth, accumulated, and unleashed as some future storm often with greater fury and damage. Earth upheavals also create enormous amounts of EME which also is absorbed back into the earth as potentially devastating energy. Earthquakes, forest fires, volcanoes, land movements of various types as well as rivers, ocean currents, and other moving elements constantly add to the EME that is absorbed and discharged at greater and greater levels into and out of the earth. Social strife such as famine, disease, and war generate enormous amounts of EME which are also absorbed back into the earth if that energy is not channeled into more useful outlets.

What can you do as a single individual about all this EME accumulation from storms, earth upheavals, and civil unrest? More than you could ever guess even in your wildest imagination. Did you know that you can absorb vast quantities of EME and using your will and intent you can transform that EME into good health, strong effective emotions, and focused clear thinking?

Energy is a fourth-dimensional phenomenon that can be observed and felt when it is absorbed by a three-dimensional body or object. When that absorption is under conscious will and focused on the right intent a standing wave of energy is manifested. That energy can be used to create anything that you can imagine. Wisdom dictates that you only create what you can presently handle in your life, but often necessity dictates that you use the power to preforms miracles for yourself that elevate you to a new level where you are more in dominion with your environment and your occupational and personal relationships work for you.

EME is the energy source that is required to transmit information and light to a receiver. The receiver can transform that information and light into whatever he or she intends it to become within the limits of his or her beliefs, feelings, and physical sensations.

How do you become a receiver and absorber of EME and how can you learn to transform that energy into just what you need in your life now?

Visualize Quick Start

Think about a storm somewhere in your general vicinity or that you have heard about in the news that is raging now. It does not matter what you are doing, sitting, walking, or lying down think of a storm and visualize it in your way as a giant generator of electromagnetic energy radiating waves. The radiations can be colored waves or just black and white, however, you can see or visualize, feel, sense, or imagine them. You may see the waves or just feel them but use your imagination to make the feeling of the waves as real as you are able. Then using your will, imagine, visualize and/or feel those waves coming gently down through the top of your head, gently flowing down and into your body. Sense it filling your head with clear light focused energy. Sense the wave flowing into your torso filling your heart with healing energy that is pumped out into every cell in your body. Since your lungs filling with energy that refreshes your blood and exhales toxins out and away from your body. Feel the waves flowing down into your stomach and internal organs and feel the energy that sparks healing and calmness that the transformed EME brings into your body as it rejuvenates itself. Visualize yourself absorbing all the energy of the storm until there is no energy radiating because there is no storm.

Visualizations That May Resonate

Visualize a very tall weightless cone shape hat with the small end just above your head and the larger receiving end open and facing up. Concentrate on the focus source or the EMPOD – Electromagnetic Energy Pick of The Day. Sense the EMPOD in front of you or above your hat radiating all its energy out in random waves. Will those waves with your power of will, not your grunt will, into the top of your cone? As the energy wafts into your cone, it is transformed by your intent, from violent chaotic destructive energy to healing, revitalizing energy. The cone becomes your energy transformation cone.

Feel the radiation like waves wafting and flowing down, softly from the transformation cone into your head and down into your brain. Feel the energy flow into your face, softening, relaxing, healing, filling with energy and life. Feel the energy flowing down through your neck and out into your shoulders. Relaxing your throat and lifting the burdens of responsibility and duty off your shoulders transforming that energy into relaxed action and completion. Feel the energy flowing down your arms and out your fingertips. Let the relaxation cushion the healing and rejuvenation in your arms, hands, and fingers. Feel your chest fill with transformed energy pulsating into your heart and out into your entire body, carried within the blood and oxygen from your lungs.

Feel the transformed healing and rejuvenating energy flow into your internal organs, spine, and muscles of your back and stomach and down into your hips. Relax into the energy allowing it to flow into every organ, muscle, bone, and cell of your body. Allow it to flow down through your legs, filling your legs with relaxation and calmness as it fills your feet. Energy wafting and waving through your entire body. Feel your bones, feel your organs, feel them filled with healing rejuvenating energy.

As the waves flow into your body visualize the EMPOD shrinking as you pull the EME out of the object and into your body.


Visualize what you want to create and hold that focus while you pull the EME waves into the top of your cone and down into your head and body. As you tweak your visualization to get it right, begin to experience your visualization by feeling what you would feel if you had what you are visualizing. Feeling what you would feel like means feeling your body’s sensing such as heaviness or lightness, tightness or tension, relaxation or calmness, peace, or safety. It means feeling your emotions, happiness, or sadness, feeling loved or loving, and also feeling your thoughts, heavy or dreamy, focused or scattered, joyful or serious. The more you can feel your senses, emotions, and thoughts the more you will be able to manifest through the transformation of EME.

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