Transformational Exercises

Transformational Exercises may at first cause you to leave your body or to astral travel so if you are not accustomed to this form of meditative experience that I would suggest that you start your meditations in a quiet place where you can be alone or undisturbed during your EME Absorption meditation.  Those of you who have not experienced astral travel consciously may find these meditations quite stimulating.  You are in no danger, there is no right and wrong way to do these exercises.  In the end, there is only one way, your way.  As you practice you should change things within the recommended meditations until you are in charge until you can direct the energy to where ever and whatever you desire.  Again, there is no danger.  When you do the exercises, it is a win-win situation for all.  When you absorb the energy, you are changing the negative energy into positive energy, there is less of the negative and more of the positive.  When you transform the energy, your body resonates to the higher level of electromagnetic energy that you changed from negative to powerfully positive.

When directed use every means available to you that you are accustomed to using to recall or remember pictures, images or situations that help you visualize, imagination, sense or feel the focus source that you were sent via email, or when you are more skilled you can use another focus source of your choice.  Sense your focus source in front of you using visualization, imagination, feeling or just knowing.  If you do not sense it in front of you use your will and imagination to call it forth.  Focus on its fury, rage and most destructive forces.  See the EME pulsating out from the focus source, coming at you in waves.

Visualize a cone above your head if you want to use the transformed energy in your own healing or if you want to send the energy into mother earth.  You can also visualize two cones, one on each side of your head at your temporal lobes or temples if you want to send the transformed energy out of the top of your head to others, to other places or to Mother Earth.

Use your power of will and will the EME into your transformation cone.  Feel the energy coming up from the earth all around, waves, furious powerful waves cascading around your, or in front or below or above you.  Feel the full fury of the focus source EMEenergy coming at you and into your transformation cone at the top of your head or in the two at your temples.  Draw the fury down into your transformation cone where it is transformed into powerful stem cell-like energy, that is quiet but extremely powerful, potential power that awaits your intent so that it can be directed outwards or inwards to heal and vitalize, strengthen and empower.

This stem cell-like energy can be directed at a body part, organ or appendage with healing intent.  It can be used to soften some of the effects of aging and some controlling emotions.  This power can be used to help others or transform violent nature energy into peaceful healing weather and earth harmony.

The whole transformational process can be done anytime that you think about it, or once or twice a day on a schedule.  It is up to you.  It can take a minute or you can spend longer periods of meditation time on the transformation.  It can be done when you are walking, talking or quiet in your safe place, but it is suggested that you practice using a meditation or meditations of your choosing in your quiet place until you are comfortable with the procedures before you attempt an eyes open, walking about meditation.

Each of the eight focus sources will have a number of meditations that you can choose from to match your preferences and time schedules.  You have probably heard that there is no such thing as a free lunch, well, this web site is a free lunch to anyone who wants to change him/herself, to help his or her friends and/or to revitalize the earth and the populations of humans who need the energy that is affecting them negatively to be transformed to empower them positively.

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