The Eight Focus Sources

Earth – Fire – Wind – Water – Pestilence – Famine – War – Birth and Death

Fire                                 Forest and Prairie Fires, Volcanoes, Drought, Extreme Anger, Rage, and Resentment

Wind                              Hurricanes, Tornadoes, Monkey Mind, Scatter Brained, Confusion, Chaotic and Bewilderment

Water                             Floods, Tsunami, Hurricanes, Water in all its forms- gas, liquid, solid, Extreme Emotions

Earth                              Volcanoes, Earthquakes, Extreme Resistance, Unemotional, Stoic

Pestilence                      Sickness, Apathy, Vulnerability, Plague, Depressive Emotions – Unhealthy, Helpless, Hopeless

Famine                           Starvation, Extreme Lack, Poverty, Inability to receive

War                                 Destruction, Violence, Aggression, Abuse, Greed, Power, Force

Birth – Death                 Devastation of old age, Fear, Terror

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