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Focus sources are sources of electromagnetic energy (EME) chosen subjectively by the website designers so that we could pinpoint which EME source we would like the guardians of the earth to focus on during a designated duration of time. The EME sources may overlap, for instance, a hurricane could be placed under both the focus sources of water and wind, while volcanoes could be under both earth and fire. The focus sources are usually potentially catastrophic energies that can be consciously harvested, transformed, and redirected using awareness and intent to consciously focus the transformed energy to heal, rejuvenate, and vitalized the earth, oneself, or others.

One way to understand the makeup of catastrophes is to observe the energy that creates them.  In the simplest of terms, there are two types of energies that create catastrophes, one group of energies is created or allowed by man, and the other group is caused by energies created by Mother Earth herself and her personality, Mother Nature. War, famine, disease, and death are the four human allowed or caused EME creators. The four earth and nature-caused focus sources are elemental in nature: water, earth, wind, and fire. These eight energies work individually or combine, making it sometimes difficult to separate man from earth/nature-induced catastrophes, but when mankind is involved in any catastrophe, the creative catastrophic energy is allowed by mankind by way of their emotions, thoughts, and expectations.

Mankind had unconsciously contributed to the power and destruction of most catastrophic occurrences through their excessive fear, anger, grieving, and loss along with the many pain-creating emotions. The energy of these emotions is absorbed both ‘into’ and ‘onto’ the earth. If the energy is absorbed ‘into’ the earth, the earth may gather that energy into future destructive storms and earth upheavals. If the energy is pooled or pocketed ‘onto’ the earth it lays on the earth in locations like a thick invisible fog where it will eventually create or add to the general psychological makeup of the population living within that energy. Pooled negative emotions resonate feelings that are the creative emotional forces of war, famine, pestilence or plague, and death. The EME available from mankind’s contribution to negative and destructive energies is incredible, but the transformed potential power is even greater.

In general, though, the elemental causes are usually grounded in nature while the man-allowed causes are dream-like, forced situations that are inorganic to human beings such as the horrors of war, the inhumanity of famine, the futility of disease, and the fear caused by the false myths and folklore of death. The four horsemen of the apocalypse best describe man’s contribution to excessive EME on the earth. The manmade energies are caught up in the chaos of emotions, the insatiable needs of an untrained body, and the confusion of the non-conscious mind. The Mother Earth and Mother Nature EME-focused sources of Fire, Water, Wind, and Earth are called by some, the four elements and by others, the four directions. The focus sources are all these things and more.

The man-made or allowed electromagnetic energies are War, Famine, Pestilence or Plague, and Death. Some call them the four horsemen of the apocalypse

The Mother Earth and Mother Nature EME-focused sources are Fire, Water, Wind, and Earth. Some call them the four elements, and some the four directions.

The Eight Focus Sources

Fire                                        Forest and Prairie Fires, Volcanoes, Extreme Anger

Wind                                     Hurricanes, Tornadoes, Monkey Mind, Scatter Brained, confusion, and bewilderment

Water                                    Floods, Tsunami, Hurricanes, Water in all its forms- gas, liquid, solid – Extreme Emotions

Earth                                     Volcanoes, Earthquakes, Extreme Resistance to Pestilence or Plague, Sickness, and Apathy,

Famine                                 Starvation, Extreme Lack, Poverty

War                                       Destruction, Violence, Aggression, Abuse

Pestilence or Plague          Sickness and Disease and the enormous depressive emotions that are attached to being unhealthy, individually or as a group.

Birth – Death                       Every second there will be approximately five people either being born or dying. Both of those transition points for the soul and spirit are tremendously powerful because of the spiritual/mental/emotional/physical inter-dimensional cooperation taking place.  These emotions resonated by the celebrating or grieving extended families could last for lifetimes or in the case of saints or ‘spiritual ones,’ millenniums.

2 People will be Born to every death.

59,380,249 People will die per year

162,685 People will die per day

6,779 People will die per hour

113 People will die per minute

1.88 People will die per second

(This is old but interesting information)

In 2000 there were an estimated 6,082,966,429 people on the earth.

By 2010 there will be approximately 6,848,932,929 people on the earth.

In 2006 there will be an estimated 8.67 deaths per 1,000 population.)

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