Personal Energy

 To each of us, our personal energy means many things, but in general no matter how it is defined, the more someone has, the more he or she wants. Energy is addictive while the lack of it is repressive. Contrary to popular belief, personal energy, or as some call it, personal power, cannot be taken from you by anyone or anything. It can however be given away consciously, subconsciously, and/or unconsciously. The only person capable of giving your energy or power away is you. This leads to a big problem because if you are like most you are not even aware that you are leaking energy or handing out your precious power indiscriminately and often in ways that harm you. You probably have no idea that there are ways to stop the loss. Nor could you know about methods and techniques that you can use to re-energize yourself.

Since you are the only person able and capable of increasing and then holding and conserving your power and energy, only you can do anything about it. The five physical senses you are aware of are very limited. They sense the world of physical mineral matter which is only a small portion of the worlds that are there such as the higher or lower non-physical worlds, astral and etheric worlds, soul, and spirit worlds. To experience these worlds, you must reawaken your seven inner senses, senses you are probably not fully aware. These senses are experienced in your early childhood and elderly years when you rely less on your physical senses and more on your inner senses to understand the world around you. In reality, your five physical senses should become more acute and refined as you grow and your body matures after which you are, spiritually speaking, supposed to develop your seven inner senses for them to re-emerge as your most dominant senses. This brings the spiritual world into the physical instead of what we are taught in such actions as mediation, contemplation, and devotion to temporarily leave the physical world by experiencing self in the spiritual worlds.

The energy that you use during the day is brought to your physical and ether body by your astral body each time you awaken from sleep. You have an energy capsule around you that holds your replenished energy. Under Utopian circumstances, there should be enough of this energy replenished by you-as-Soul each day to last twenty-four hours with enough left over to store in your energy capsule. There should be enough energy stored there for you to use during the hundreds of healthy and happy years that you can potentially live.

Earth is a training ground for souls, spirits, and other forms of divine order. As beautiful and plentiful as it is, it is not a paradise nor is it a heaven. It is a school where instant feedback is applied to our thoughts, emotions, feelings, and body sensations. We experience pleasure or pain in all their various disguises as consequences of our actions. These are the responses from our four physical bodies to the outcomes of our free will choices that we eventually manifest. We are here to have fun, experience joy, and help others to be themselves without prejudice and we have just started this process. We, the people alive today are the forerunners of a new era, a new world which means that we will define the worlds we will be reborn into in our future. Having fun and experiencing joy is difficult enough, but to help others we have to help ourselves by knowing ourselves. To know ourselves we must become conscious and aware of our willful self, our emotional self, and our mental self. How conscious and aware we become now has more to do with our spiritual evolution than anything we have done in our past or ever will do in our future lives. You may think you will be more spiritual in your future lives and that is true, but what you do in this lifetime will define and channel your future lives.

Do you understand that your negative (distasteful) thoughts, feelings, and actions have created fissures, cracks, and in some cases outright holes that allow your energy to be depleted?

Do you know that you can replace your lost energy and eventually build a surplus within yourself?

If you have read any metaphysics you have come across the idea of subtle energy. Subtle energy is referred to by science as electromagnetic energy. I prefer the words prana, chi, ki, psychic energy, and the like to the long and cumbersome word electromagnetic, but I will use this scientific term. If the reader would like to substitute prana, ki, or whatever word then do so.

In an ever-increasing competitive environment, one of the only options yet unexplored is to learn how to increase your personal power and then, how to keep it. By doing so you begin to reawaken your inner senses which places you above the competition because you are able to see what others are not, to know what others do not, and to see beyond what others are able. From your advantage point now, do you see anyone who is going to do it for you? Your only option is to metaphorically stand in front of a mirror until the reflection speaks the truth about you to yourself, and you listen to that truth.

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