This Most Monumental Time In Your Life Molded You Into What You Are Today!

From the time of your conception until 18 months of age you were like a sponge, absorbing every one of your mother‘s emotions, thoughts, and feelings — believing they were yours! That means that from the moment your life force bursts onto this planet (at conception) you have carried within your being a belief about yourself. That belief is in alignment with your mother’s emotional state at the exact instant of your conception. Whether she was in a state of joy, fear, or pain, that emotion is part of your makeup and belief system right now!

As your mother carried you through her pregnancy, you experienced her emotions as your own and you stored them in your body, setting up a sort of emotional framework or foundation based on mother’s emotions. Later, around the age of 18 months, when you became old enough to be an individual and to experience your own emotions, you continued to store those new emotions in the old framework. As your new emotions were stored in the old framework formed from mother’s emotions, they became tangled together and the two remain inseparable today.

Inner Child Work gets a bad rap in the healing department because it is tedious and gets to distasteful memories and traumas that no one wants to face. Such work can be painful, but it is very effective especially if you learn to handle your inner child when she or he interferes with your life. 

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