Healing the WombTime

An Alternate Birthing/Healing the Wombtime Meditation helps you discover which of “your” emotions actually belong to your mother and which are yours alone. It is advisable for you to learn to give mother’s emotions back whether she is living or passed. You should discover where in your body you have stored her emotions. Once clear of mother’s emotions you are free to fully experience your own feelings without her interference. You will be surprised to find how much your mother has been influencing your life.

From your conception until 18 months, you were like a sponge, absorbing every emotion, thought, and feeling of mother’s until now you believe they are yours. That means from the moment your life force burst onto this planet at conception you have carried within your being a belief about yourself. That belief is in alignment with your mother’s emotional state at the exact instant of your conception. Whether she was in a state of joy, fear, or pain, that emotion is part of your makeup and belief system now!

While mother carried you through her pregnancy you experienced her emotions as your own and you stored them in your body, setting up a sort of emotional framework or foundation based on mother’s emotions. Later, around the age of eighteen months, when you became old enough to be an individual and to experience your own emotions, you continued to store those new emotions in the old framework. As your new emotions were stored in the old framework formed from mother’s emotions, they became tangled together and the two remain inseparable today.

If you have done your inner child and other clearing work and still find that those emotions keep repeating, it is quite possible that you need to look for emotions that are not yours, emotions that you “borrowed” from mother. Unless you can own an emotion, you cannot process and release it or give it back to the owner. Often, as we grow older, we find that we have become our mother — we look like her, or act like her, repeat her neurosis despite every attempt to take a different route. This is because we have not identified and returned those early emotions which belong to her.

In addition to what our mothers were feeling and thinking we were affected by all of our surroundings — the womb experience, the birth process, and the people in our lives. Our early pre-verbal times are actually key to the formation, the foundation of who we are today. Until very recently it was believed that we were not thinking or feeling beings until we began to communicate through speech. Still today most psychological therapies have not considered taking this time of our lives into account!

These ideas are based on the fundamental principle that we create our own reality. Conscious reality creation is a goal that many are now learning to understand. Most of us create reality from the subconscious and unconscious levels and it, therefore, seems separate and out of our control. If we become conscious of why we are creating the reality we are experiencing, then we can begin to consciously craft the reality that we desire. For most of us this is one of our spiritual purposes.

How do we create reality through our thoughts and feelings which form core beliefs? These are belief structures that plant themselves on the subconscious level during an emotionally charged event. Core beliefs are so powerful that, once formed, they continue to create reality without our awareness of them. Most of the core beliefs that run our grown-up lives were formed in childhood. In fact, many of our most influential core beliefs were formed before we were born or began to speak. Some commonly held core beliefs are I’m unlovable; the world is a frightening place; men/women cannot be trusted; abundance is out of my reach. Most often we are not consciously aware of our core beliefs.

Self-hypnosis is an excellent tool when used to rapidly and easily reach an altered state of consciousness. In an altered state the subconscious mind can be accessed enabling the discovery of core beliefs while the conscious mind guides and evaluates. Once an existing negative core belief is uncovered it can be transformed into an empowering and life-enhancing belief. Left undiscovered and unchanged, negative core beliefs continue to create negative reality regardless of how many positive affirmations we repeat or how determined we are to change. It is enlightening and often surprising to discover our true beliefs, our core beliefs.

Why work with the wombtime? From the moment of conception, and through the nine months of wombtime development, our most fundamental core beliefs are formed and implanted in the subconscious. The connection that we develop with our mothers while in the womb is the most powerful bond there is the majority of the core beliefs formed during that time come directly from mother. During the formative months in the womb we are thinking, feeling beings preparing to move from the world of the spiritual/etheric into the physical world. We learn and adopt mother’s belief systems, her ways of processing life, her entire world view as preparation for our initial survival. During the wombtime we form beliefs having to do with our self-esteem, sense of being loved, and being lovable, our opinions about men, women, authority figures, etc. Dramatic results come from finding and changing the core beliefs created during the wombtime because, by consciously changing core beliefs we begin to consciously create the reality that we desire.

Since this work is so productive, you may wonder why you haven’t heard of it before. Science has only recently, with its technological advances, been able to prove that the fetus is a living, thinking being. During most of our 20th century it was believed that babies had no thoughts or feelings until the age of one. Most parents followed the “modern advice” of their doctors and psychologists, treating the fetus and newborn as if it were a senseless, mindless, and unconscious body. However, because the fetus is thinking and feeling while in the womb, foundational emotional development begins to take place before birth. Unfortunately, most psychological therapies have not yet considered taking this formative period into account, so they lag behind science’s recent findings. Through my studies and my work with clients, I began to explore the preverbal period of development. During these sessions, I found that the exploration of the wombtime was especially productive and resulted in both dramatic and rapid life changes.

The souls conceived and born during and after WWII experienced trauma and shock differently than their parents and relative before them. Since then, we have been the products of a surge in sensitivity to our own emotions. This is an evolutionary step forward since that sensitivity forces us to examine ourselves in ways we could not do before. For instance, those who were born before the war have a harder time examining their past lives. It is much easier for those born after the war. We stand on the shoulders of those who came before us, but for most of those alive today who were born after the war are the souls who are to set the rules for the experiences humankind will evolve for thousands of years to come. By examining our will, emotions, and thoughts we can become aware of our being conscious and thus become conscious of our uniqueness as individuals and as an evolutionary stream.

A word about multidimensionality. While going through a personal Alternate Birthing experience multidimensional levels and multidimensional aspects of Self are brought into play. Depending on your particular circumstances, unseen friends, counselors, and past lives may come forward to participate. The inner child, inner infant, and inner fetus may become key participants. High Self, Soul, and Spirit are always involved and meeting them for the first time is a moving and life-altering experience, but most of all, by learning to walk between worlds and within all aspects of yourself in this world you start the processes that will guide you to your real self, and that is the only place to be.

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