What is WombTime?

I am a second-generation multidimensional therapist who specialized on early childhood trauma and drama experiences during the period between pre-conception and childhood up to seven years of age. The information on these pages has nothing to do with the medical side of birthing and everything to do with the pre-logic and reasoning emotional developmental stages of early childhood not from a scientific point of view but from the experiences of a metaphysical therapist.

If you are searching for answers that Wombtime and inner child work may provide you I would recommend that you first attempt working on these problems yourself. If you are mature enough to seek this information you have gathered enough skills to heal yourself. If you create your own reality, which you do, you created the inner tools to solve the problems you incarnated to master and evolve beyond.

Common abilities such as feeling, thinking, and imagining can be easily tweaked to the psychic abilities you need to master traveling through space and time to heal traumas and dramas you developed before you had the emotional capacity to integrate them. Many of the steppingstones to these skills are explained in the articles in this website and those that I will occasionally add.

For the medical side of WombTime I recommend visiting googled sites such as https://www.wombtime.com.nz/.

An Introduction and Analysis of the Inner Child

This website is about healing, your healing yourself where others have tried and failed and where other methods and techniques have promised and disappointed. The methods and ideas here are not for everyone, nothing is, but it is a path to awakening of your inner-self and a returning to the basics. It is about finding your unhealed parts which remain as shadows in your life. These shadows originated sometime between your conception and your 21st birthday. This time frame is where you will find your inner child.

I have also added downloadable inner child meditations to introduce you to the adventures you can experience in your quest for ‘inner peace’ which is another way of saying ‘a content, quiet, satisfied inner child.’ Each recording is fifteen minutes lone. There is a meditation to awake to and one to listen to as you fall asleep. I will add more meditations from time to time. The recordings are gender oriented: male AM and PM and female AM and PM.

These recordings have subliminal messages imbedded within them so read the booklets to understand the messages. I will search my files for the same tapes without the subliminal messages but for now this is all I could find.

Other Thoughts

There are no prerequisites to your personal inner child work. You already have the skills required; you were born with these skills because you have earned them in another lifetime. You know how to focus, visualize, and meditate whether you do it consciously or unconsciously. The only requirement is the ability to honor yourself enough to use your personal skills. Remember you-as-Soul made your life difficult so your consciousness would learn self-discipline. Know that you did not make your lessons so hard you could not heal them because no one else can or will heal you.

It is time to let go of what you think you know about yourself. It is time to re-learn things you never knew you knew about yourself as a spiritual being and to re-experience things that you are unable to remember experiencing. Freedom from the old. Freedom From The Known is the freedom to know yourself, your true self. Your true self is the treasure you will discover through your inner child. She is the key to the doors that are closed, locked, and unknown to you. It is she who can introduce you as consciousness to You-as-Soul and Spirit.

Inner Child Work

Personal inner child work is one of last resorts people turn to in their search for themselves although it is the easiest because of one’s personal connection with the damaged child they are and the inner child they forget they are. When all else fails, return to your inner child. This time however interact with her as she actually is, not as you were taught. Your inner child is not a concept. She is not a feeling nor a thought. She is not a conversationalist in an empty chair beside you. She is not as you believe her to be. Your inner child is a breathing vibrant being whom you are able to visit, touch, and guide through the same tough times that you traversed alone when you were her. She is loving, kind, and caring beyond any recollection you have of her, and she is confused, hurt, and wounded in ways you have forgotten. She needs your help, you need hers, and both of you need each other.

Think about it for one moment. You are the only person in the physical and higher worlds who is capable of helping your inner child. About everyone else can barely help themselves. Those who need no help can no longer help you because they are so busy helping the incarnated souls who have little or no clue about what is happening to them.

Since you have read this far you are probably evolved enough to be your own healer not as a punishment but because you earned it. You have evolved to the point of being capable of helping yourself and by your doing so you pave the path for others to follow. Your inner child can help you in ways you are unable to help yourself. Pleasant journeying. e

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