Core Beliefs and the WombTime

My work is based on two fundamental principles

1) We are multidimensional beings who incarnated to evolve within our own human spiritual evolutionary stream.

2) We create our own reality, our total reality either by allowance or active manifestation.

The first depends on our understanding of the second. Often people object to this second concept saying.” If I create my own reality, I would never have created this!”

If our life creation seems separate and out of our control, then we are not consciously creating our reality. Instead, it is being blindly and automatically generated from core beliefs residing within our subconscious and unconscious levels. Core beliefs are energy structures which are formed during emotionally charged events. They are so powerful that, once in place, they dominate our reality creation overriding our Soul’s blueprint, unless we become aware of them. Most people, however, remain oblivious of their core beliefs.

Commonly held core beliefs are: “I’m not lovable; I must struggle to survive; Men/Women cannot be trusted; I’m not good enough.” I have discovered in my work that our most potent core beliefs are formed during our earliest development, beginning from the very moment of conception. Because of the symbiotic bond between mother and child, the fetus and infant readily absorb her world view until the age of one and one-half years, creating the most foundational belief structures. Unless detected and changed, these core beliefs adopted in infancy remain in place throughout our lifetime, creating our grown-up and adult lives.

Because core beliefs are formed during incidents of strong emotion, we can use our emotions to find our core beliefs. In an altered state emotional threads can be easily followed back to their roots in the subconscious. Once a core belief is located it can be examined and changed. When we change our core beliefs, we begin to consciously create our reality the way we want it to be—the results are often both rapid and dramatic.

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