Adults Remember Birth

Adults also remember the entire womb experience! And since you were once a baby, tucked away in your subconscious are all of the thoughts, feelings, emotions, smells, tastes, sounds that you experienced in the world of your mother’s womb.

Confucius, 2,500 years ago, proclaimed the necessity of education beginning at the prenatal stage and his advice was followed through the 19th century. Yet in our “ultra-sophisticated” world of modern science, until very recently it was believed that babies had no thoughts or feelings until the age of one! (The predominating belief during the entrance of the wave generation of baby boomers.)

Obstetricians remain unenlightened and continue archaic birthing practices in cold rooms under bright lights, violating infants’ senses with painful procedures. And most parents continue to blunder through pregnancy unaware that their preborn is alert and eavesdropping. But there is hope on the horizon…Through the wizardry of electron microscopes, fiber optics, ultrasound imaging, etc., it is now becoming very apparent, even to science, that the pre-natal infant is feeling and listening and thinking.

But how does this all affect YOU? Have you done your inner child work? If so, you should be well aware that you formed core beliefs as a child that continued to run your adult life until you identified and diffused those beliefs. Even if you diligently worked with your inner child, you may be surprised to find that unless you went all the way back to conception, you still have more work to do!

For instance, while you were in the womb if your parents fought, if they wanted a child of the opposite gender, did not want a child, or were anxious about parenthood, all of these things are affecting you now. If your mother drank or smoked, starved you nutritionally, or had been drugged during delivery, you are having emotions about it as an adult. If the doctors, nurses, or your family said anything negative about you, if your entry was less than warm, loving, and gentle, it is still impacting on your life today!

Just when you thought you had done it all….

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