What Are Feelings?
Lost Gifts And Recovering Lost Love
Following Feelings To Your Past Or Future Lifetimes
Exercise: Power Over Confusing, Painful, Paralyzing Feelings

The definition of feelings in the physical mineral world is a mixed bag of synonyms, explanations of sensations experienced by the physical body as well as different sensations and senses references to emotions and thoughts. It is very confusing, but understandable from a language that was developed to describe and explain laws and trade. English is not a language that is equipped to explain feelings. This article is written in English so it is limited in its explanations and definitions. It does however take into account the existence of the soul and spirit, the unseen worlds, and the four sensing bodies that make up the human being. These must be taken into consideration when defining feelings.
A feeling in this regard is the synergy of your mineral/ether body sensations plus your astral body, your mental body, and your spiritual body. A feeling is a sensation that is definable such as love and joy, anger and rage, stabbing or numbness. A feeling is multidimensional because it is felt by your entire being. Feelings are gateways to your past and present in this life as well as to all your past, future, probable, and potential lives. Positive feelings are fleeting while the more negative feelings have deeper roots and are difficult to release.
Feelings are selective to the life and the spiritual lessons designed by Soul and supported by Spirit. All people do not experience all the available feelings during their lives. We have a lot of evolution to experience before we are at the level where we are able to feel all feelings from all of our bodies at once. This is very complex stuff, but what isn’t when you dig deep into any subject?
Your mineral/ether body sensations are experienced through your five senses—touch, sight, hearing, taste, and smell. Many physical, social, and spiritual scientists have expanded these five senses into twelve to twenty—balance, life sense, voice, movement, warmth, and cognition of knowledge to name a few. For simplicity’s sake, any references to the physical body senses will defer to the five senses familiar to most human beings.
Everything is feeling. Emotions are known by their name but understood by the feeling they trigger. Thoughts without feelings are fantasies; thoughts with feeling become things and have form, they are real things. There is nothing in us that creates emotions, they flow through us and it is the senses of our four bodies that feel them. Joy and happiness are emotions that activate short-lived feelings but hate and anger activates feelings that can linger a lifetime and even influence future lives. Positive emotions require consciousness and awareness. Negative emotions cannot exist in an aware consciousness. When we pass from this world our only luggage will be our feelings.
Trauma is a significant life event that will haunt the mind, cause harm to the physical body, and negatively control the emotional body until it is healed or resolved. When a trauma is experienced, the pages and story written during the time of the trauma are lost to consciousness. Another way to say it is that trauma edits the video of life and as life moves on the edited part is ripped from the four bodies and frozen in that time and space. A trauma cannot be healed in present time; it has to be healed in the time and space where its feelings are frozen. Drama in this sense is also a shock to the four bodies, but it is not a one-time trauma. Drama is experienced over time and eventually, it turns into bodily trauma that is almost impossible to trace because it is composed of a series of shocks which eventually are believed to be an integral part of the being. It has to be identified, understood, and confronted when it surfaces in one’s life and because of its habitual tendencies conscious awareness is its only cure.
Learning how to feel any feeling, understand it, and allow it to flow out with no reaction is a major reason we exist as we do. We choose which emotions to experience and when to feel them. The only baggage we carry when moving into our next life between death and rebirth is our feelings. Until we can experience feelings without reaction we will be unable to escape the Wheel of Reincarnation.
The consciousness experiences what is usually perceived as the mineral/ether body sensations, but as you begin to differentiate your feeling you will glimpse how each of your bodies participates in and sense them. As you perfect your differentiation abilities you will gain dominion over your feelings instead of reacting to them.

Following Feelings To Your Past Or Future Lifetimes
While working with your ‘inner child’ skills will develop that can be used to follow your feelings into your past or future lifetimes. Most feelings and body sensations can be followed beyond this lifetime, allowing travel and exploration either forward or back in time. In many of your past or future lives the consciousness that you were then, stored his or his secrets, skills, and treasures to be discovered by your present consciousness during this lifetime. The ability to access powerful and meaningful past and present lifetimes is crucial in this new age, yet there are few individuals who have developed the ability to travel into their past or future.
Instead of developing the abilities required to explore their own future and past lives, most people rely on others, such as psychics or channels, psychologists, or psychiatrists to tell them about their past, present, or future lives. While spiritual readers are invaluable, having the ability to be personally present in the time and space of one or more of your past or future lives is necessary for true and lasting healing. Trauma and drama cannot be healed in present time, they must be faced and released in the time and place the feeling became stuck in your bodies.
Following the resonance of your feelings to your traumas and dramas wherever and whenever they occurred is the first step to self-healing, the second is helping the being that you were then to release his or her stuck feelings and resolve the problem. Inner child work is one way to learn this ability easily because your inner child is you. Releasing trauma and drama from your ‘inner child’ is similar to releasing trauma and drama from your past lives and preventing them from following you into your future lives. This is a no-brainer.

Finding Lost Gifts and Recovering Lost Love
Each incident that you change in this lifetime through your ‘inner child’ or other lifetime work changes your present life as a grown-up and brings your closer to your adulthood. Each lifetime that you visit and change by solving the problem that was not solved when you were that being in that time and space also changes your present life. You can change this lifetime doing your ‘inner child’ work or you can change your lifetimes in your future or past lives. Whatever you change will affect your present life and will consequently change all lifetimes that you experienced the same problem or discomforting feeling.
When you change your inner child’s life you release into your present life what that child slowed down, stuffed inside his body, or hid outside in an object to be recovered later. Some things that he could have easily stifled is joy, wonder, creativity, and love and if you have difficulty experiencing these or other emotions and feelings than a visit to your ‘inner child’ is imperative. The deadened or lost feelings are the gifts that you recover when you work with your ‘inner child.’ When you change a past life you also release and receive gifts by adding pieces to the puzzle of your true self. Each exciting piece that you discover and each treasure that you recover will fill in the lost and missing pieces of your true and powerful self. You are then able to begin to joyfully take responsibility for your own growth and manifestations.

There Are No Prerequisites Needed To Heal Yourself
The physical, metaphysical, and spiritual worlds interweave and mimic each other in strange and bizarre ways. Mystery schools and religions, inner and outer spiritual paths, teachers, and gurus alike have been around since humankind began its descent into the physical world. You have been all these beings and know all those things. You know prayer. You know ritual and incantations. You know sacred books and you know your God and Goddess. You even know your fears and angers, but if you are honest with yourself, pain and confusion continues to come at you from your present reality no matter what prayer, what incantation, what sacred book you may know. The problems of life seem to be overpowering no matter what practices are performed or what beliefs are held. It will keep coming until you learn to work with your ‘inner child’ by traveling through time and space to root out the pain and misunderstanding that you find there. In such healing you will find aspects of your true identity.
The ancients tell us that the answer to what we have been looking for is within us. Know thyself. This most ancient saying was attributed to Jesus, but it has been repeated throughout the ages. Those of us in physical form are the world generation who have a probable self capable of attaining that personal ascension of knowing one’s self in a physical incarnation. Every living man, woman, and child on the earth has at least one probable self craving enlightenment which is more openly available and obtainable during this lifetime than it has ever been. One of the easiest and most prominent paths available to us is through our own ‘inner child’ work.
All who came before you lay behind you as the stones of the path you are traveling. During your personal work, you owe no one or no thing except yourself. You are only accountable to yourself, you may find that accountability in your work for and with others, but again, your accountability is to yourself. You assigned yourself to be your own taskmaster because you were the only being you could find who had the time to be your taskmaster. Besides, you are harder on yourself than any being could possibly be. The pain that each of us has experienced from our ancestors, our parents, and our worldly experiences mix with, often distort, and hide the very spiritual strengths which we brought with us to remember and call upon to aid us in our own enlightenment and in our help to the earth in his enlightenment.
What is within us that none of the teachers or gurus showed us in all that time that we have been listening to them? We do not know ourselves. We do not know our child. We do not know our infant. We do not know our fetus and we wish we did not know our adolescent and young adult. We do not know the parts of us that we call our ‘inner child.’ These immature frightened parts of our past, presently rule most of our lives and unfortunately our fortunes. Because he hungers for love that he did not get, you experience a reality that is not fulfilling your need for love. Because your ‘inner child’ is still afraid of or angry at authority figures, you are affected, and everybody that knows you is affected. Your immature frightened parts keep you wanting something you are unable to identify and confused about what you want. By understanding why your ‘inner child’ was not at fault, and why it was never your fault, permanent healing of the most incredible range can be experienced.
As you learn to interact with your ‘inner child,’ you will become accustomed to working within yourself at a much deeper level than you feel or know yourself in your present reality. As you learn to travel deeper than your present reality levels you will become more and more comfortable moving within the multidimensional worlds, conscious of your thoughts, emotions, and body sensations. As you travel back in time searching for significant events in your past during this life that you are living now, you will develop a deep love and understanding for your ‘inner child’ as you get to know him. As you learn to love him, he will feel loved. As he feels loved, you will feel loved at the deepest core of your being. As you rescue him from the times you as that child became overwhelmed by the energy, information, and/or feelings that you as your child were experiencing then, he will begin to learn to trust again. As he learns to trust, you begin to trust again. At the very core of your being, you will feel the trust heal within you that was shattered in him when you were him so many years ago.

Power Over Confusing, Painful, Paralyzing Feelings
An Exercise
When you are feeling a feeling that usually sends you over the edge, step back, take a deep breath, and observe that feeling. You take the power out of a feeling when you discover how you can step back from a distracting or painful feeling. Controlled breathing changes the body’s reaction to a feeling making the feeling observable. When observed the feeling becomes a transporter through time and space and your consciousness and awareness become its passengers. When you focus on your breathing your body will naturally slow it down which means that it will relax. The more focus the more relaxed it will become.
When you are relaxed ask yourself, “What am I feeling? What am I feeling in my mineral/ether body, what are my body sensations? Do I feel heaviness, lightness, tension, or tightness?
Becoming aware of your heartbeat and fine sensing your body is an easy way to feel your astral body. Relax and focus on your heartbeat until you can feel it pulsating throughout your body. When you can its pulsations from the bottom of your feet to the top of your head notice the pulsations outside of your body. As you notice the resonance outside your body you will become aware of that resonance or pulsation having a form.
Ask, “What do I feel with my astral body? What emotions am I feeling? What do I feel in my mental body? What thoughts are going through my head? What do I feel with my spiritual body? What am I imagining, what am I intuiting and what am I creating with my spiritual body?” Listen! ‘Listening’ activates all your senses and you will soon discover that you may ‘hear’ through your different senses, organs, and chakras.
Breaking a feeling down into its parts takes all the energy out of that feeling. It will have no power over you when you isolate it, observe it, and break it down into your four-body sensations. Once you have taken the energy from your feelings you can do your ‘inner child’ work to discover where your feeling originated and why it got out of hand enough to call it a trauma or drama.
End of Exercise

Inspecting Self
An Exercise
Read this exercise then put the instructions aside and do the exercise. The next time, read, set aside the instructions, and do the exercise. There is no perfect or right way so if you wander from the script do not worry. Shortly you will be doing the full exercise and even adding your own techniques. Trust your past training and use the techniques and methods you have learned. They brought you here.
From your quiet safe place think of your childhood, not in great detail but generally. Let your mind wander from one incident to another, one picture to another, or one relationship to another. To begin this exercise stick with your better days and times. Once you become more skillful at traveling back in time and handling the spaces you visit then you should introduce your more trying childhood experiences.
If one incident appears to you pick it, if you see many incidents pick one. Watch him for a time and then ask yourself how did he make it through the wombtime, infancy, childhood, adolescence, and young adulthood all alone? (When you read these words feel your body.) Think of how amazing it is that he grew into you given the difficulties that he had to overcome. (Don’t get soppy and remember that you are the grown-up talking to a child so act like it, feel it.) He did this almost totally alone and with little or no help. You can say that your ‘inner child’ mirrors your emotional self, he forms the bases of your belief systems, and he developed the mechanisms that rule your life today. Again, it is amazing that he could do all this with little or no positive help from his parents and his guardians.

Be amazed and let your ‘inner child’ know of your amazement. That child, boy, young man made it to you. Without him you would not exist so he will rely on you to help him since you are making yourself known to him in his world. Be amazed.
Be grateful and let your ‘inner child’ know of your gratitude. That child, boy, young man bleed for you and without him, you would not exist. He took the blows for you and developed into you. If you do not like what or who you have become work with your ‘inner child’ to help him heal and you will become whom you are meant to be. When you change the past, you will change. Working with your ‘inner child’ you change the past and you are changed, everyone you know has changed, and the world around you has changed. This is the multidimensionality that you are a part of. If you are not interested in knowing about it, do your ‘inner child’ work and let its reality unfold.
Time is simultaneous and your ‘inner child,’ the child that you were is alive, every facet of him. Such an idea is hard to swallow, but instead of rejecting it outright look at it as a possibility. As you work with your ‘inner child’ you will learn to stand next to him and feel the floor or ground beneath your feet, his hand in yours, and the warmth of his body. Then you will know that life is multidimensional and you are gifted to be alive today because it is possible to heal yourself as a physical being instead of waiting until you are living your next life in the world between death and rebirth. In the physical world healing that takes five minutes may take a being months or years to heal as Soul living in the soul worlds.
If you hurt, he hurts. When you can travel back to his time and be in his space to help him where you were not helped when you were him, he will stop hurting. When he stops hurting in his time and space, you stop hurting in your time and space. That is a metaphysical law that supersedes physical law. As the pain decreases your life will start working the way that you have been asking and programming it to work.
End of Exercise