Cellular Memory

When we as Soul/Spirit first penetrate the third-dimensional realm at the time of our conception we pick up a particular set of feelings and emotional patterns. These emotional focuses have been chosen by us between lifetimes for our personal soul growth. With much counseling and guidance from our angels and unseen friends, we each decide what issues we want to work on. This choice is based on what we have experienced in past lives and what we feel on a soul level is needed to round out our spiritual evolvement from Soul’s perspective.

The baby has its unique disposition from the moment that it is conceived. It will attract the feelings and emotions from mother that mirror its feeling and emotional needs as defined by the soul. These feelings are retained in the infant’s non-verbal cellular memory. If mother feels fear and the fetus is programmed to accept fear then the baby begins to sense mother’s fear in its own physical body. And, since the fetus cannot complete these feelings it must store them in its body, most often in the same manner or pattern that mother stores her unresolved feelings.

These feelings and emotions are stored in the body of the fetus at the cellular level. During this time in the development of the fetus, the storage of mother’s feelings and emotions on the cellular level becomes etched on the mental body of the fetus. These feelings and emotions are osmotic because they were cellularly programmed into the fetus’ cells through osmosis. They are vibrationally imprinted onto the fetus and it will continue to store mother’s feelings and emotions as its feelings and emotions for the remainder of the lifetime unless consciously reprogrammed. The fetus has no other choice, but the adult can consciously change what has been patterned since before birth.

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