Spirit Entities

They’re Not Just Out On Halloween!

In fact, it is very likely that you have some spirit entities lurking around in your aura. If you do not, you are very rare, indeed! spirit entities, for whatever reason — whether it was sudden or traumatic death, illness, drugs, confusion or fear of being judged, etc.– have chosen to stay earthbound after death. All it takes for an entity to enter your space is a like vibration. While drug or alcohol use can contribute to entity attachment, passing thoughts of mild irritation or feelings of light depression may be all that it takes to invite an entity into your field of energy.

Metaphysical exploration requires skepticism while demanding the awareness of being skeptical of that skepticism.

Many do not believe in entities, their possible attachments, or their dangers, but they fear them. The allopathic and other accepted healing modalities do not see entities, but they do see and treat entity caused etheric difficulties as physical problems. Physical problems to a metaphysician are Soul indications that stuffed thoughts and emotions are oozing into our physical reality. Our belief systems demand that anybody suffering from attachments must explore every accepted healing modality before they find a competent healer or search within themselves to find and rid themselves of these parasites.

I find that most entities are attracted to people who are working on the same emotional issues, although often from far different levels or dimensions. All entities drain energy, pressing down with psychic weight. Their personalities influence their host’s moods, attitudes, thoughts, desires and relationships as they color the host’s vision and confuse their beliefs. Jealous body-mates, they can want you for their own, sabotaging relationships and raging against other jealous entities.

Entities can occur at all body levels and it is not unusual to find as many as 20 attachments per person. In the physical body they can cause disease and pain while those in the emotional body can cause depression, anxiety, and a wide array of emotions. At the same time entities could be inhabiting the mental body causing confusion and limiting memory. And those attached to the spiritual body can separate you from God, Goddess, All That Is.

All entities, on a deep level, long to go into the light, to return to their source — but most have not done so because they lack trust. Once trust is established I find it easy to guide an entity to the light, taking all of their baggage with them. And if an entity departs your aura what are you left with? Space that can be filled with love, balance, harmony, your own likes and dislikes, your own preferences and boundaries, mostly, your own sense of who you really are. If you haven’t quite been feeling like yourself lately — maybe you haven’t been!

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