The ‘Fat Epidemic’

Consumerism and Materialism

There is constant debate in the written, audio, or visual media about the fat epidemic supposedly overtaking most of the westernized nations. Blame is focused on causal sources such as the fact that the westernized nations eat more fat through prepared and fast foods or the fact that the westernized peoples are lazier and less active than their less developed neighboring populations because of their access and growing addiction to electronic devices. Consumerism and materialism are also blamed on the excessive lifestyles and insatiable desires of the westernized populations of the world. All these reasons may be in some respects valid, but an overlooked and very real validity lies in the fact that mankind is becoming conscious, and, with consciousness comes the awareness of more than oneself, of empathically sensing the feelings of others as if it were your own. Mankind is entering a new age of perception, every member of mankind is becoming aware of how other members of humanity feel, physically, psychically, and spiritually. This is something very new to most humans and they are unprepared for the realities of the many other physical, psychic, and mental phenomena which accompanies “becoming conscious.”

Empathy, the act of feeling what others feel. The present chaotic world is chaotic because people are becoming aware and awake, but they are not yet understanding or conscious of the effects that that awareness has on their bodies and their world.

If you are aware of the hunger in the world but have not yet understood that that hunger created by the hundreds of millions of hungry beings on the earth creates a state-of-hunger, an energy-of-hunger, an electromagnetic force-of-hunger that is felt by and affects everyone on the planet. People who have not learned to differentiate their feelings from the feelings, the strong mental, emotional, or physical energy of others, whether individuals, nations of people or entire populations think that the hunger that they feel is their individual hunger and they eat to try to satiate that hunger. The ill-informed are eating for those in the world who are hungry, they are not eating because they themselves are actually hungry. The ill-informed have not yet learned to differentiate their own body feelings from those of the hungry masses.

 Many who eat without being satiated feel the hunger of the world as their own.

The same can be said for the materialism and consumerism thought by some to be an unfortunate byproduct of westernized societies. When poverty and the boredom and helplessness that accompanies it is as pervasive as they are in this consciously becoming world it is felt by everyone, rich and poor alike, living in a modernized or a primitive society, or all those inhabiting social levels in between. The poverty and depravation in the world develops an energy of lack and need, of desire for things. It is an electromagnetic energy of enormous power, power that consumes everything in its path as it grows larger. Westernized societies can attempt to fulfill those needs, but as the ever becoming more conscious population is not yet able to differentiate their thoughts, feelings and body sensations from others and Mother Earth herself they will continue to attempt to fill that endless pit with goods and services, unaware that their attempts are not to satiate themselves, but an insatiable world created from hunger, poverty, and deprivation. A world that they are unable to differentiate from their body sensations, emotions, and thoughts.

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