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This website is constantly under construction because I will keep adding old and new articles and blog posts. I have to confess that I am attempting to understand the difference between the two. This website is also ad-free but I will talk about my book Angels and Your other Unseen Friends which will have a part in the material and a few pages where it can be ordered.

The website is plain. It does not have a lot of graphics or pictures, that is not my thing. I see the world from my metaphysical point of view. My voice is just another addition to the chaos everyone on the planet is experiencing so I do apologize, but as a longtime metaphysician and therapist, this is my way of explaining to myself what I have seen—you could call it thinking out loud or self-therapy.

I am interested in how the present state of international, USA, and personal revelations match some of my beliefs about human evolution metaphysically. Most people look at the world from a totally physical mindset that has no tolerance for any other explanation except the one derived from physical evidence. That mindset is good because it teaches us to focus on the physical world and disregard the nonphysical, but it is not meant to be permanent. It is meant to be a lesson learned, a step forward, and a signal to explore the nonphysical worlds and their influences on the physical life each of us live.

I write about the metaphysical reasons events may or may not occur along with their metaphysical consequences on the physical world. Physical world healers see the world through their science vocabulary and theories and what they see and speculate on works. There are however many ways to see a germ, virus, or pathogen. Science believes them to be tiny living things seen through a microscope others believe that they are energies, living beings, or evil things that are attracted to certain feelings, thoughts, attitudes, and desires.

I do not disagree with western science or theory; I disagree with their exclusion of many of the metaphysical sciences and theories that would comfortably meld with allopathic medicine. We are getting there but tradition and belief are hard nuts to crack and believing that all problems and dysfunctions with the mind, emotions, or body are physically caused are encased within an extremely thick shell. Just by understanding the process, the process spreads and since we are beginning to become consciously aware we spread what we learn just by knowing.

My work, this website, and the book are not channeled, written by an outside force, or given to me as divine information. All the information discussed in the blogs is my ideas, from my studies, training, and life experiences. Every thought I have is certainly influenced by my teachers and mentors, angels and unseen friends, clients and acquaintances, along with past and future lifetimes, but I own these thoughts, the responsibility is mine. How you interpret my thoughts becomes your responsibility.

Blog posting is new to me so I will probably blend some older thoughts with present events I comment on. I recommend you read the pages that may interest you listed in the menu under Multidimensional Reality.  These serve as explanations and mature thoughts that may stir a recollection within you.

I am teaching myself how to set up a comment section. I would like to remind you that I will only answer a few comments or emails. I do not have the time. e



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