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The Loss of Caring

The loss of caring is visible now where a few years ago it was mainly hidden. In those times, a person who did not show a caring nature would be considered cold and incapable of holding certain positions, but even then, the caring was mostly for show and like the caring today, obviously absent. It was, however, considered.

Politically the loss of caring has blossomed, visible for all to see while many service-to-other beings are allowing yet another service-to-self generated the idea to take form while threatening to prosper. The tax bill presently being conjured by the senate and house GOP is an example of service-to-other beings not only allowing, but creating a nightmare scenario for the less fortunate and powerless masses while servicing the rich. This is completely against service-to-other human nature while it is a classic example of service-to-self human nature.

The ruling elected political class, many of them are not rich, are making choices that will affect an uncountable number of beings, not only humans, but animals, plants, and minerals. The soul/spirit intent of service-to-other human beings is to serve oneself just slightly more than servicing others; the general idea is to take care of yourself enough, so you can care for others as efficiently as you are capable. It will always be a divine balancing act where the universe is the fulcrum supplying unlimited resources and you balance your taking—remember, your purpose is to be happy, healthy, and wise—against your giving.

Those service-to-other beings who continue to prey on the poor for whatever reason must have no understanding about what they will experience during their next life between death and rebirth. Some call it hell, but hell is not a place, it is a self-imposed feeling space where all one’s soul and spirit senses are opened to feel the pain, fear, and confusion they caused others to feel because of their collusion. The fault does not matter, but it does weigh heavily on the length of the purge. All service-to-other human beings put themselves through this clearing process after they leave their physical bodies because soul and spirit cannot contain physical anchors if they expect to completely enter their worlds.

All this taking from the poor and powerless will also haunt the takers on the mundane plane. Their actions were likely intended toward acquiring money and material goods, so their fate will probably be passing their wealth on to their children, significant others, or whatever. The problem is that the energy of the intent that created the wealth continues to be passed through the resonance of that wealth. An example would be the proposed tax bill which will squeeze the poor with the intent to feed the wealthy. Support for that bill taints every material thing it touches, and its resonance will pass the intent on until it depletes itself. That leaves the family, individuals, and businesses open to all sorts of dark matching intents which eventually pollutes the genetic line because only people drawn to that intent and prone to relish in the experiencing of it. Some people call this karma.

To survive, physical things in the physical world absorb other things; the thrill of absorbing things is why we all choose to be physical; we were created to evolve, and evolution is a gathering process. We are constantly gathering energy and information from every accessible dimension, but we are seldom aware of any but the physical one if we are aware of anything at all. At this time and in this place called earth it is very important to be conscious and aware because not being conscious guarantees that you will miss the better parts of this most important life you have ever had or will ever have. This importance requires your input while it offers easy access to your spirituality and the safety for you to exercise your ability to become more spiritual.