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Sexual molestation and abuse are the modern and true version of a Dracula-like creature who infects victims. Each victim will in turn infect others condemning them to live either infecting others with the disease or internalizing it until it destroys their lives. The tale seems hopeless, but there is a cure that brings understanding, action, healing, and transformation at the core level where life becomes bright again.

Dracula must infect others making his mythical a perfect metaphor for Nassar. In Dracula’s case, a physical virus changed the physical bodies of his victims. Nassar imbued his victims in a more sinister way; he imbued his victims metaphysically.

Nassar dumped his shame energy into his victims, people who trusted him. At the time of molestation Nassar was greater than his victims. As his victims became self-empowered Nassar became the hunted but his energy must be released from each victim by each victim. It must then be given back by the warrior each victim becomes. Then the shame no longer affects the warrior she becomes an adventurer.