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Service-to-Self Vs Evil

Given our definition of evil, service-to-self beings are the poster children. To evolve, service-to-self beings have to be evil or self-serving in the high ninety percentiles. In comparison, service-to-others must service others slightly more than they service themselves. In this great game of life and life between lives, there are a lot of divisions, dualities, differentiations, and separations that humankind is a part of. We are multidimensional; we have multiple bodies functioning together from different dimensions, levels, and densities. The majority are service-to-other beings while the rest are service-to-self beings.

Almost all human beings are evolving along one of two major evolutionary forces.

Service-to-other beings are comfortable when the masculine and feminine energies are almost equal. The service-to-self beings are comfortable when they are almost all spirit or all masculine resonance. They do, however, have to have enough feminine resonance to keep the masculine from totally consuming itself. Their balance works for them, while to Service-to-other beings it is imbalance. Both stages of development have a lot of evolution yet to experience. The service-to-other beings will probably have a longer existence span than the service-to-self beings who will return to Source before the service-to-others beings. The service-to-self beings will return to Source as the specks they left because their existence focuses on absorbing everything until there is only one speck left. The service-to-others will grow until they can know Source as integrated beings.