The Tools of the 21st Century Metaphysician

Security – Self – Family – World

Four physical bodies – Consciousness being aware of itself in all its physical forms simultaneously.

The Physical Senses – Five known

The Soul Senses – Seven lost senses – the new intelligence

Power – Electromagnetic Energy

Power Grids – Chakras and the five chakra systems

Developmental Stages

Stages of Body – Four Stages of Body

Stages of Soul – Seven Faces of Soul

Ancestral Lines

Present Life Ancestry

Spiritual Ancestry

Spiritual Hierarchy

Relationship Development – with unseen friends – guides, counselors, teachers, helpers and various  other spiritual beings

Differentiation – experiential levels of mind, distinguishing thought from emotions from body sensations.

Manifestation – creating reality consciously and responsibly through awareness of desire, need and want.

Reciprocation – Unblocking limiting restrictions from present life or past lives as well as probable, future, split or parallel lives.

Meditation – Journeying

Stalking – awareness and levels of consciousness

Shape shifting – changing personal resonance to experience presence of walking between worlds, realms and kingdoms.

Walking Between Worlds – Moving In and Out of Space

Time Traveler and Event Changer

Problems created in the past can not be healed in the present.  Such problems must be healed where they were created, in this life time or another, in the past or future.

Personal Healing Alternatives

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My Eternal Gratitude For Lazaris, Seth, and Steiner, and My Unseens