Milestones on the Path to Becoming a 21st Century Shaman

Transition from the Spirits of the Land to the Soul of the Age of Information

Awakens to Individual Spirituality Through Personal Experience.

There comes a time in everyone’s life when they have their first personal spiritual experience, an awakening. Some tell all, others keep it to themselves, while still others know something happened to them but do not know what. They desire to know more, to understand more. It begins here. A deep inner calling to know yourself, gather your power and become aware of your true life’s purpose. The 21st Century Shaman uses spiritual tools and unseen friends to develop that original experience into a knowledge that can be applied to his/her life as concrete physical reality, whether it be a relationship, finances, health issues, employment, etc., or most important of all, his/her personal spirituality.

Undergoes a Life Altering Experience

The 21st Century Shaman has a realization that he/she creates their own reality and only they can create the reality they desire, that they chose. They know that if they do not dream their own reality then someone will dream them into their reality. The life-altering experience can be traumatic or calm, but it is the moment that the shaman begins to dream his/her own dreams when personal power is reclaimed.

 Released the Old by Releasing Burdensome Beliefs, Thoughts, Patterns, and Addictions

The 21st Century Shaman learns to love himself/herself by being brutally honest to themselves yet treating themselves with kindness and patience. He/she travels through time and space, densities, and dimensions following the threads that bind them to their beliefs, thoughts, patterns, and addictions. The shaman releases and heals as he/she changes needs into choices, defeats into victories, and fear into courage.

 Consciously Creates Their Personal Reality

The 21st Century Shaman utilized the strengths and wisdom of each of his/her four physical bodies; the dense physical and the etheric emotional, mental, and spiritual bodies to manifest what they choose, and what they want to create in their reality. The shaman becomes aware of each of his/her bodies through that body’s sensing organs to understand how that body hinders or helps reality creation.

 Navigates the Conscious, Subconscious, and Unconscious Minds

The 21st Century Shaman becomes conscious of themselves at all times. They become aware of their thoughts, emotions, and body sensations and how these sensations, each from one of the three physical bodies have an impact on every facet of their lives including the lives of those around them. They become conscious of their subconscious mind, clearing blocks, finding, and releasing limiting beliefs, and knowing what reality they want to change. The shaman then becomes conscious of their unconscious mind, learning to navigate that vast space of the archetypal energies, going to the edge of the known to explore potentials and possibilities that are unknown, and bringing the unknown into the known of their reality creation.

Explores Inner, Outer, and Other Worlds

Because the veils are thinning, people are discovering that they can walk between worlds where they can learn about themselves and begin to positively affect their daily lives. The shaman knows everything is interconnected, and that if he/she exercises his/her power to enter other worlds to change the reality there, they will alter the reality in their physical world. All time is simultaneous, all events are happening in the present moment, therefore, we can alter past, future, and parallel lives to make the changes that we want in our present life. The 21st Century Shaman learns to use shamanic techniques to navigate time and space to positively alter the course of his/her reality.

Explores Genetic Ancestry Gathering Strengths and Clearing Limitations

The 21st Century Shaman travels into the world of their fathers and mothers, forefathers and foremothers, clearing genetic limitations such as addictions, compulsions, habits, and unwanted desires. Negative genetics are halted. Positive traits, skills, and knowledge are accessed, filtered, and reintroduced by the shaman into his or her everyday reality.

Develops Allies in the Unseen Worlds

Counselors, Teachers, Guides, Helpers, Spirit Animals/plants/minerals.

The 21st Century Shaman becomes familiar with his/her spiritual unseen friends. Each shaman takes his/her responsibility as the Chairman of the Board of their spiritual corporation seriously guiding and instructing their unseen friends to create opportunities, gather resources, and introduce previously unknown solutions to seemingly unsolvable problems. Co-creating their mundane and spiritual reality with their unseen friends often gives the 21st Century Shaman the edge needed in this fast-paced world.

Gives Voice to Spiritual Ancestry

The 21st Century Shaman learns to travel within himself/herself to unlock lost and forgotten powers developed during a few special past, future, and parallel lives. They harness the power, wisdom, and the knowing contained in these spiritual past lives to create harmony and balance in their personal, professional, and spiritual life. These skills and powers are used to manifest desired reality from loving others to being loved, from meeting our maximum potential to developing our purpose.

Forges New Paths by Developing Their Imagination, Creativity, Intuition.

The 21st Century Shaman knows that they must develop tools that can sharpen their abilities and strengths. By developing the imagination, the shaman learns to bridge their outer five physical senses with their lost seven inner senses creating communication with their spiritual ancestry, spiritual hierarchy, and the unseen worlds. Developing creativity opens new and powerful manifesting tools for the shaman who also fine-tunes his/her intuition. Intuition is a knowing, knowledge coming to us vertically, down stepped from the spiritual worlds. Its mastery and discernment are skills critical in this world of high-tech information overload.

Consciously Bringing the Real of Non-ordinary Reality into the Illusion of Ordinary Reality

The 21st Century Shaman understands that their third-dimensional reality of density is an illusion, a playing of perceptions. He/she knows that the unseen worlds of non-ordinary reality are the real worlds and that it is imperative to learn to bring the real from the unseen worlds into the illusion of the 3rd-dimensional world.

Becoming an Illuminated One

Enlightenment to the 21st Century Shaman is illumination and freedom. It is a state of consciously creating their ordinary and non-ordinary reality just the way that they choose. Abundance, love, and security create freedom, which the shaman uses to develop his/her skills and tools to find doorways, pathways into worlds that are yet to be explored, are full of treasures and riches and ripe with the solutions to the now unsolvable problems. It is the illuminated ones, the adventures, who will become the spiritual leaders or Merlin(s) of the future. They will be the entrepreneurs, the physical and metaphysical scientists, and the sages immortalized in the future. All of them will use the skills and tools of the 21st Century Shaman, but not all of them call themselves Shaman.


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