Shape Shifting Into Health

Units of Consciousness

The fifteen percent rule should be applied here. The rule is that 15% of those who try any healing method will benefit from that method. When hypnotists mesmerize groups of people to stop smoking usually 15% have some lasting reaction. Not everyone is able to gain from every healing method, meditation, or exercise, so if this does not work continue your search. Trust your unseens to guide you to the right path by having you stop along the way to learn techniques and hone your skills. Relaxing while allowing yourself to be led by your unseens will shorten and sweeten your journey.

What you do and how you decide to heal opens new pathways that others will follow because the information you experience will be accessible to anyone searching their inner self. They will use your gains to catapult themselves forward and their accomplishments will push others beyond imagination. That is the beauty of evolution to understand that what you started will no longer plague anyone when you incarnate into your future self.

Let us just suppose that the universe was filled, every nook and cranny with units, that are the smallest units of anything things in all creation. And just imagine that these units could change into or become anything that could ever be created. In this supposition these units do not move, they are stationary, fixed. They pulsate on and off. When they are on, they are physical matter and when they are off, they are not matter, they are energy, a wave.

Suppose that these units are so unique that they absorb any type of consciousness and duplicate that consciousness into physical form as an exact holographic image of that consciousness. To the consciousness that has its form created within the physical universe, that form is alive.

For instance, a rock would be the physical manifestation of a consciousness whose resonance is a synergy of all the vibrations and many more that we would identify as a rock. If you were holding the rock in your hand, you could look at the stationary units of consciousness that are interpreting your hand’s vibration and duplicating that vibration into what you see as your hand and the units of consciousness that are interpreting the rock consciousness and creating the rock that you are holding in your hand. If you could turn your hand over so that you could place your hand in the same approximate space where you were holding the rock before you reversed your hand, the rock would be in the general space that your hand had been before the reversal. Now, many of the same units of consciousness that had seconds ago made your hand now make the rock, and many of the units of consciousness that made the rock now make your hand.

Since the holographic form is created by the units of consciousness the consciousness moves within, depending on the complexity and intent of the consciousness it can then inhabit that form directly by entering into it, or indirectly by controlling it from outside. Things pass through units of consciousness or temporarily sit quietly within them. They could be considered the cells of God, tightly packed, everywhere throughout creation and beyond.

Let us suppose that these units of consciousness are each conscious of all others in this universe. Each units of consciousness is able to become anything that moves to, though, and out of them. They change between form and substance. For instance, when you walk the units of consciousness that you move through and those units that move through you are conscious, they are units of consciousness. Each layer of CUs touching your skin becomes the first layer of your skin and the layers of CUs that were your first layer of the skin become the second, the second becomes the third, on and on until the last layer in your back is you moving forward becomes the layer of CUs making up the air next to the skin of your back. You as a consciousness gestalt moves through CUs, the CUs in front of you become you, as you pass through them as they become skin, muscle, organs, bone, muscles, skin, and then your clothes until they become the air behind you.

Another way to look at it is to think of a line of dominos, one behind another. As the first domino is pushed against the second, the second then falls against the third and onwards until the last domino falls, stops pushing, and lays at rest. If you observe the movement of the dominos, the crest of the next domino falling, each domino moved by an almost invisible force, you will understand that like that force your consciousness moves forward through CUs. The CUs change in density, function, and force according to the consciousness that impregnates them. It is your consciousness that vibrates how you appear and it is the CUs that create the physical part of you that makes you appear as you, as a solid body that you identify as you.

 An Exercise – Changing Your Future Self

This exercise can be performed using almost all uncomfortable or stressful thoughts, feelings, and/or body sensations. Here the exercise will focus on healing your body.

When you are walking safely on a path, sidewalk, or road, imagine that you see thousands of your future selves, one CU away from each other, lined one ahead of the other to the end of the block or space in front of you. Use your imagination to picture for yourself what these selves, like you, would look like one in front of the other as far as you can see, lined up in the same direction that you are walking. Each future probable you is healthier that the one before it, each probable you closer to the ideal of feeling healthy and vital.

With each step, you step into a new you. With each step, you move into your most probable future self, the one just in front of you. You move into the future, one layer of units of consciousness at a time. The air in front of you becomes your clothes, your clothes turn into your skin. Your skin then turns into your muscles, your muscles into your bones and organs, your bones and organs into the muscles and bones in your back, which then turn into the skin on your backside and your skin on your backside turns into the back of your cloths and your cloths turn into the air behind you. It sounds fantastic, but just suppose that it was true, one unit of consciousness layer at a time.

With each step that you take, you are in a different physical body. Different than the one you experienced before you took that step. Just moving or swaying from side to side presents you with a different body with each movement. All this change is a problem for humankind since the living is focused on fixity and thus usually reject change. You like most humans are trying to keep yourself and the objects around you from changing, the kind of change that is not consciously directed or desired, but the kind of change that requires constantly thinking, willing, and desiring to be the same with as little change as possible. We almost always appear to stay the same, yet we do change so gradually that those who us every day hardly notice any change at all over the short term.

Every time that we step into the CUs in front of us those CUs become what our unconscious and subconscious minds believe or are programmed to become. Human consciousness can easily learn to program its own agendas, its own likes and dislikes every time that we move from one conscious unit to another to change what we dislike about our bodies, health, outward or inward appearances, and reprogram the units of consciousnesses to create a healthy body. There is nothing that we could not change and change instantly by changing our resonance or personal signature vibration. We identify what we do not like and how we visualize and feel that dislike in our body and replace that visualization, those feelings, and body sensations with what we do like. The trick is to know what you do like, and what it would feel like to be what you desire to become.

Now, that is all well and good, but how do you do that? Can you do that? You can, because you already do, you just do not understand how you do. It is often difficult to do the kind of visualization needed by using your present self and feelings when you are worried about your health, or you are focusing on a part of your body that you would like to change and you do not know what the change would feel like since you are so accustomed to your body as it is. The key is to remember a time when you felt healthy, younger, invincible, beautiful, and/or vital and dynamic. No matter how difficult life is everybody has had a pleasant memory at least once in their life that lasted as short as a minute or longer than months. The memory is there and will surface when you think of a time in your life when you were the happiest, or when you wore a certain outfit that accentuated something that you liked about yourself. Look for the memory when you recall the time that you won a contest, a competition, or when you completed a difficult project or created something.

When you feel something unhealthy within your body, a part, organ, muscle, or bone instead of plunging into panic or fear, learn to focus on the visualization of your future selves stretched out in front of you as far as you care to see. Each future you, moments away is healthier than the one before. The more of your healthy future selves that you step into, the more that you feel your healthy selves as you step into each of them, and the more your body will become aware of your consciousness and its desire to be healthy. The more the unhealthy part disappears, leaving only the healthy you. Each future part of yourself that you step into with each step, each consciousness unit layer at a time becomes healthier and healthier. With each step that you take feel the feelings that you have felt when you were the happiest, healthiest, youngest, and strongest, all combined into feelings of health and strength that you can feel while you visualize yourself stepping into your future probable selves.

When you use this method along with the electromagnetic transformation and absorption techniques you will find that you are more able to heal yourself consciously and permanently, but do not think that these techniques are easy to accurately perform. There are no prerequisites for healing yourself. You do not have to spend time and effort learning methods that are questionable and always, always give it time to work. If it does not work in the time that you give it, find something else to do and stop this exercise.

These things you can do because they concern how you think, how you feel, and how your body senses. These things only you know about yourself. They are not hard, they are you and you can learn how to visualize, feel, and sense with the body you desire, your remembered feelings of health and vitality.

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