Teacher of the Dead


John Brown was a simple man who possessed a mind that was anything but simple. He could see other worlds, move in and out of time and space, and observe events that have already happened and those that have yet to occur. He had even learned to change present events by changing either the past or future. He could do all this yet he lived an uneventful life.

He kept a diary, or what he called a diary. It was a file stuffed with pieces of napkins, telephone book pages, and ripped paper covered with notes and pictures. He would tell whoever would listen that the diary contained his life before he chose simplicity. Every page, every scrap was a memory in picture form or a tale of what he saw on his travels. He did not speak of the wisdom he acquired along the way nor did he express how he felt when he touched the memory of his experience. He had notes on how he sensed and felt, but he claimed to have written specific notes on how anyone could teach themselves to follow in his footsteps and learn to be a walker between worlds, an adventurer he called the Angelic Shaman of the Twenty-First Century.

He tried to publish his diary but publishers could not believe him so they relegated his stories to fiction which he could not accept. When frustrated he would find solace sitting in the sun in the park, eyes closed with the warmth radiating on his face. His meditation always included the visualization of being absorbed by the light while letting his frustration dissipate from every cell in his body. One day he was visualizing his frustration flowing out of his body when he felt a great heaviness slowly lifting up and out of his body. It did not return.

He knew he had changed because he no longer cared about telling his story to anyone in any fashion. He found contentment when he read the contents of his diary. Every night without fail John would read from his diary. Months later when he finished, he would start again describing the drawings and reading each scrap of paper. He never tired of explaining his instructions and describing his techniques, meditations, and processes.

Those who knew John’s habits whispered among themselves that he had slipped into madness, believing that he had suffered a breakdown because he was disappointed that his information was not widely accepted or even deemed publishable. John knew how others talked behind his back, yet he refused to defend or even explain why he spent so many long, lonely hours reading his papers and describing his drawing out loud. After many years John’s voice was silenced by his passing permanently into the worlds that he had written so thoroughly about. John was soon forgotten; his work died the moment his body lost its life force.

In his shadowy room, John read out loud every night for many years knowing that only the dead could hear his voice through the quiet of the night. During the day he watched, listened, and felt slight changes in attitude, understanding, and awareness that seemed to take root in the newborns and the young. John saw what others were blind to. He noticed young people all over the world repeating, often, his readings word for word. He became aware that many children were meditating in the way that he repeatedly explained as he read his notes. What thrilled John the most was when he noticed the young began to express his thoughts as their own. All the while, John remained a simple man; he read out loud and he watched, listened, and felt.

No one knew that the words repeated by the young were originally thought by John. He was an unknown; one of the countless many who have passed through life making not a dent in the material world.

John knew he was doing much more than reading out loud to himself. He knew that he was reading to hundreds of thousands of unseens who would gather each night to listen to him read. They gathered to watch his thoughts, feelings, and body sensations interact with his chemical, electromagnetic, and spiritualized mineral body as he read. They observed how his physical mineral, ether, astral and mental bodies interacted with each thought and one another as he read.

The unseens who gathered at each reading were beings who lived in the worlds between death and rebirth. Most were in their final preparation for their soon-to-be experienced birth into a human body.

When they gathered to hear John read, they watched how his four physical bodies reacted to his readings; how they changed while he worked with himself and his inner demons. They watched and learned. Then they designed their individual DNA, and their reincarnated body blueprints in ways that would open their hearts without the vulnerability present in John’s time.

John Brown was a simple man who possessed a mind that was anything but simple, he was a teacher of the dead.

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