Seeing Your Unseen Friends

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Angels and Your other Unseen Friends

Life is not scripted by Hollywood, nor is it a theater play or a program made for television. The entertainment industry typically depicts the ether, astral, and etheric realities as mineral physical phenomena, but they are far from this. They can be physical, but very few if any are mineral. Their bodies are not constructed with mineral substances so your five physical senses which sense things that are made of mineral substance are not able to sense them. Stop trying. Trying to see or feel what is there with your physical senses is often the very reason you may not be able to witness them. If you keep trying, all you will end up with is eye strain and another failure to add to the string of failures you have experienced trying to see, hear, feel, taste, or smell their much faster vibrational resonance.

You will often see what you expect, so expect what is beautiful and eloquent to you. If anything appears which does not meet those standards, call your unseens to surround you, bring yourself to a fully awakened state, and ground yourself. Do not dwell on anything that is to you ugly, dark, or bad. If it surfaces, observe it, acknowledge its presence, and release the thought, image, or picture.

Almost everyone reading these words should have completed the major part of their incarnational goals for the first half of the evolution cycle called by some the Post Atlantean Epoch. We passed the half-way mark for this cycle some two-thousand years ago, but it has taken us from then to now to stop descending into the physical/ mineral third-dimension. We have stopped our descent and are preparing for our ascension. Ascension does not mean we are going to disappear from the third into some unknown fourth-dimensional overtone. It means we are changing directions and are about to start our ascension back home. We are returning to Goddess/God but this time we are stepping up into All That Is, not down as we have been doing since we chose to become physical beings.

The present epoch has as its main focus the development of rational, reasoning thought. For the most part those who have reached this level of evolution have learned to think before reacting and to understand and thus restrain their emotions as their societal laws, folkways, and mores dictate. We are in the process of reaching for the next higher level, which requires each of us to develop our own laws which honor the rights of all beings.

Our descent required us to numb our inner senses, the senses of soul and spirit. By our twenty-first birthdays, in most of our past lives our goal was to have our inner sense awareness almost totally superseded by our developed third-dimensional physical senses. This is a necessary and very important step since it would have been almost impossible to learn to walk if we remembered how to fly. How would we learn to talk, write, or think if we could do infinitely better by simply using our minds for telepathy and knowing, like we do when we are totally focused as soul and spirit? We placed ourselves in a time and space where we would find ourselves blind, deaf, and numb to our inner senses. We forced ourselves, by necessity, to learn to see and feel, think and experience with a physical mineral body. By doing this, we forgot our true-selves and began to believe we were the physical body we refer to as me, mine, or I. This is a step, a great accomplishment, and something that is supposed to take place. After that, the real work begins.

Because of this early training, many of the incarnated human beings presently on earth are now able to think rationally and reasonably, but few of us are able to do this responsibly. We can do some things responsibly, but we still have a lot to learn and remember. The next half of the cycle will be to learn to integrate thought and reason with will and feelings. There are no better teachers than our unseen friends to help us relearn the use of our inner senses while we are still using our physical senses. They are always present and standing by to help us evolve.

Your personal evolution is a major reason why it is important for you to learn to communicate with your unseen friends. A first step toward this goal is to organize them, a concept which seems impossible since you probably can’t even see them. The unseens you will organize include such spiritual dignitaries as Soul and Spirit, angels, and in some cases archangels, as well as beings from other worlds, and those within and outside the human incarnation cycle. You earned the authority and learned the skills required to communicate and organize your unseens during this and your many other lifetimes. If you did not have this authority, you would not have found this material. You even have the authority to open channels with other beings such as animals, plants, and elementals. In most cases, you can rediscover what you knew in your past lifetimes and apply that knowledge and wisdom to your present time and space. Other abilities and skills may call for more formal and focused work to uncover and discover your incredible wonders, but even those disciplines are accessible to you and your unseen friends.

This communication is of monumental importance, yet few know how to do it, and fewer actually accomplish it. The first thing humans usually do when confronted with most problems is worry. The second thing is to doubt their own abilities to solve the problems. You do not need to worry nor should you waste time doubting yourself. Your unseen friends are always with you and will help you organize them and develop lines of communication with them. Although they are invisible, with many of them lighter than light, they are there for you and have always been there attempting to help you discover them. That is why this particular time in this physical reality is special. Now, most of us can begin to really see and communicate with our unseens if we choose to do so.

Human beings are practical. We use logic and reason because this is the era we are supposed to be learning such forms of thinking. We believe we are physical, because that is the logical conclusion we are expected to derive from the education we receive. Also, accepted present-day socialization and science trains us to think, using logic and reason so most of us, throughout our lives, appear to be as we are expected to be: logical, reasoning beings. Many religious doctrines and spiritual teachings go further by saying in one way or another that each of us are spiritual beings living in a physical body. All these approaches are avenues to the real truth, as they see it, and their truth is deducted through the logic and reasoning they were taught and are expected to use.

Most of us believe our thoughts are practical because they are derived from using logic and reasoning. But since we believe what is untrue, we must use the untruth to get to the truth. We should use these beliefs as a first step toward organizing our unseen friends. Start with what you think your unseen friends would physically look like. The first images you will encounter will be what you believe them to be. You may see angels or beings from a phantasmagoric dimension or world, but at first what you see in your mind is what you were probably trained to see by art, religion, and your formal or informal education. Pay attention to the images, pictures, and thoughts you see and/or experience. When those thoughts stop or begin to repeat themselves, take a minute to review what you saw.

When you complete your review, clear your mind of those images and be silent for a few moments. Feel your body. Start at either your head or feet and check each appendage and part to observe and feel all the sensations you are able to discern. Check for heaviness, lightness, tightness, or tension. Notice what you feel inside your body. Then notice what you feel on the outside of your body. You should now know what you believe your unseens look like and how you feel when you experience them as you believe them to be. This process is important because you have to get over these feelings and images. See them as you believe, feel what that visualization’s presence causes you to create as body sensations, and own what you see and feel as yours, not theirs. Once you witness and own your beliefs, the feelings should subside and you can use your images without the accompanying reactions.

Then recall a time when you were surrounded by people. You may remember a time when you were standing in a crowd such as a concert, sitting in a theater with people all around, or walking down a busy street. Recall the memory until you can feel yourself there, surrounded, standing, sitting, or walking. When you feel yourself there, pay attention to every part of your body and how those parts experience the body sensations and feelings. By recalling such a memory, you will elicit its feelings of having many beings around you. You can apply these to your present work without having to make up or assume the feelings which you have readily accessible in your memory.

The act of being there is a technique of remembering as many details about your experience as you can recall until you not only see the images, but also experience the body sensations of that time and space. As you practice you should be able to clear your present brain sensations and focus only on the sensations from the time and space on which you are focusing. In other words, you are there and here at the same time. Instead of feeling here more than there, you feel being there more strongly than you do in your body in the Now. Focus on details like whether you were alone or with someone. Another relatively easy recall subject is the clothes you were wearing, how they felt as they touched different parts of your body, and if they were tight or loose, heavy or light. Feel if you can sense your hand touching your leg, or your upper arm touching the side of your chest. Sense what you were thinking and feeling while you were aware of your clothes, your body, and the other people’s presence so close to you.

The more you are aware of your thoughts, feelings, emotions, and body sensations, the easier it will be for you to see and communicate with your unseens. Your unseens are practical, so they use the body sensations your memories recall to help you see them. They will also use your beliefs, thoughts, feelings, and anything else they can, to help you communicate with them. These methods and techniques are not rigid and inflexible. Each of us has our own skills, our own ways of seeing, connecting, and communicating. Discovering and developing these skills are necessary if you want to make any headway in your search for yourself. With the help of your unseen friends, you can greatly reduce the effort and time needed to achieve this goal.

Your unseen friends are there for you at all times; this cannot be said enough. Let them know that you know they are there whether you see them or not, or whether you feel them or not. In this way, you will give them voice. Giving them voice is to acknowledge them and authorize them to talk to you. It may take a while before you are comfortable enough with your unseens to know they are there without any need for verification. You may get glimpses of them out of the corner of your eye or see them as figures standing in the shadows. You may even see small specks of light flash in your peripheral vision. Whatever you experience, allow it to unfold without effort without trying to force it into some belief system. Allow it to unfold by itself and you should be able to communicate, see, or know they are there without hesitation.

You will find that if you see one of your unseen friends peripherally then look at it directly, it will vanish from your sight. When you look at something directly, the focus you have trained yourself to use is one which centers on the illusion, not the real. Once the real starts to move out of your direct sight range your focus begins to weaken enough for you to make out shadowy figures and flashes of light. These are images which are not part of your illusion.

Peripheral vision along with shadow gazing are two ways you can see the image of your unseen friends with your physical eyes. You can sometimes see their images in the shadows created from blocking any direct light source. They sort of glow in the dim shadows created by light. Your eyes will find it difficult to see them in the dark or direct light until you develop some of your inner sense skills. Some of your unseen friends and all of the angel ranks and above create their own light which vibrates at a resonance which most of us humans are unable to see, and in most cases are even unable to sense.

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