Meeting Your Unseen Friends

Excerpt from the book
Angels and Your Other Unseen Friends

Meeting your unseens requires you, first and foremost, to act like an adult. An adult is not a grown-up. Grown-ups are people whose mineral/ether body has matured, but their emotional and/or mental bodies have not yet reached this higher level of being. It is important to understand that neither the emotional or mental bodies have to be 100% matured to be an adult, but for a body to be more adult than grown-up requires that the mature adult part amply exceeds that of the grown-up. It is also important that you do not feel bad about yourself because you are still a grown-up. Instead, focus on feeling good about yourself and the parts that have reached adulthood. Focusing on your adult parts will help you more honestly separate and identify the grown-up streaks that weave throughout your adult parts.

Adults were grown-ups first, but before that, they all experienced some form of childhood. Presently, many grown-ups are taught various forms of sophistication either formally or by living life. These traits most often mimic adults, but they do not make a person an adult. When the adult traits are mimicked, grown-ups often fool themselves and others into thinking they are adult, but they are all show and no substance. They are two-dimensional adults, grown-ups who are all height and breadth with no depth. To develop one’s depth requires certain levels of understanding, knowledge, and wisdom which are learned by taking the steps toward adulthood, not by mimicry, but by becoming aware of oneself.

Becoming aware of who you are and consciously working to train, teach, and nurture the parts of you which you deem less than mature is a way to work from your adult self to help your grown-up self become more mature. This is a life-long, conscious quest which can be interpreted in two ways. The first is to believe it is so hard to become an adult that its difficulties are the reasons there are very few true adults living today. That statement is correct. The second, that this path is hard is not true. It takes work, but it is not as difficult now. The more people try make it easier for everyone to succeed. To not try results in stagnation.

All of us need to learn to discern between our adult selves and our grown-up parts. This requires self-honesty; the most difficult thing incarnated humans learn. By looking at ourselves honestly, we can know our adult side and understand which of our parts hold on to their grown–up feelings. Those which hold on require your attention.

When you are either meeting or about to meet your unseens, self-doubt and lack of confidence, not feeling good enough or worthy, and feelings of shame and fear are but a few of the sensations and emotions you will experience if your grown-up is present. When you are aware of your feelings in these circumstances, the part of you who is aware of your grown-up self is your adult self. Pay attention to how your grown-up feels. Then, using your logic and reason, your self-knowledge, and your feelings, decide how you should actually act and feel under the circumstances. When you are deciding how you should feel, notice how you do feel. More than likely, that feeling is your adult self.

Remember what you can, so just before you call on your unseens you are able to put your grown-up feeling, your needy self, behind you. Putting a body sensation, feeling, thought or even a full-blown feeling behind you is a technique which allows you to temporarily clear your field of focus so you are able to concentrate on the task at hand. This requires an intent to do so and a powerfully focused imagination to take your grown-up self out of you and put it behind you.

In this case, your needy self is itself a powerful subconscious intent which you are probably not aware of and, more than likely, unable to change without becoming conscious of it. When you feel any of your grown-up feelings surfacing, stop what you are doing and focus on the sensations, feelings, or thoughts this needy self is eliciting. Feel the feelings and imagine them being a tangible part of you although you may understand that they are unintegrated thoughts or feelings. When you focus on them as being tangible, your intent will make them react to your thoughts as if they are. You can make them seem tangible by intending them to be a certain color, having a particular form, and/or as vibrating at various intensities of light.

When you are comfortable feeling the tangibility of the sensation, tell that feeling with your internal voice to get behind you, outside of your sight and other senses. Tangible things can move, so the intangible can also be moved within its environment often with even less effort. Your imagination and intent can move them and your beliefs will make it real. Just by imagining them moving behind you, you should feel them doing so. You can also call your unseens to put the feeling behind you. When you feel the feeling move behind you, recall how you felt when you identified yourself as an adult by focusing on what you felt when you experienced the feelings of your adulthood. Remember, your unseens see and react to your resonance. If you are vibrating as a grown-up, they have to treat you as an immature child in a mature mineral physical body. If you are vibrating as an adult, they will treat you as an equal, as their visible friend.

Again, if your unseen resembles a spiritual teacher, saint, or your image of an angel, remain calm. Try not to do the human thing by throwing yourself at their feet because you think they are so much greater than you. You may feel honored, humbled, or blessed, but try not to react to these feelings. Honor your unseens by knowing they are equally honored to witness you becoming aware and attempting to communicate with them. Be humble enough to accept their help as your unseen friends. They are humbled by your attention because you in your way help them evolve through communication with them.

When you make contact, you become the talk of the unseen’s universe. This is because you are opening a line of communication lost for hundreds and sometimes thousands of years. As you make contact with your unseens, pathways are opened so others can more easily find their unseens.

Most of those practicing aboriginal shamanistic traditions began to lose their contact to unseens some 500 years ago when Western civilization began to expand throughout the world establishing its science and religion. Western civilization lost its connection to unseens starting around 2500 years ago when religious and spiritual scholars began to write about losing contact with their gods, who to them were their unseens and until that time they could see. When gods could no longer be seen, faith replaced personal experiences. The shamanistic tradition’s personal involvement with the mineral, plant, animal, and spirit kingdoms has been almost entirely lost. Faith has been temporarily filling the vacuum and has been the substitute for personal contact. It is now time for all of us to contact our unseen friends and angels by conscious choice and to replace faith with personal experiences.

Everything is different now. Today we all have the ability to contact and communicate with our unseens, not as gods, but as friends, allies, and teachers. We have the ability because we earned it. It is not the knowledge that is different; the times are different and we humans are going through changes now. We are now more consciously aware because we are equipped with logic and reason trained minds which are organized for thinking, discernment, and questioning. Aware human beings today question themselves and their environment. They then act accordingly. We are no longer beings who instinctively and automatically react. We have developed choice.

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