Knowing Your Unseen Friends

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Angels and Your other Unseen Friends

Put your mind at ease. At first, it should not matter if you don’t know who your unseen friends are. It doesn’t even matter why they are attempting to influence you or to what spiritual or mundane ideas and thoughts they are trying to get you to pay attention to. You do not have to know their names, nor do you have to be able to sense them. They are here. They are all around you whether you feel them or not. As you begin to recognize this fact, you will start to experience them in ways you will eventually be able to sense and see. It does matter, however, that you know who you are and why you want to contact them. By knowing yourself and why you want to contact them, you will set in motion the resonance of discovery that will draw the unseens to you who will guide you to an understanding of who they are and what they were assigned to you to do.

Your unseen friends are not really assigned to you, but rather, they choose you. There are a number of reasons why you are chosen and it is important for you to discover as many of these as possible. Why? Because, the more you know your unseens, the more successful you will be with manifesting your intent. This may seem to be a circular way of thinking, but the best way for you to begin to remember your past life training is to become aware of your unseens. If you think this may be too difficult, remember you have already done the work during many of your past lives. Presently, it is up to you to develop a relationship with as many of your unseens as you can. The more you know about them, the more you discover about yourself and the more you are able to perceive the multidimensional world. This places you at the end of the world, poised to take that evolutionary step that will be your badge of honor for the rest of eternity. These chances are rare, and many of us signed up for our shot at grabbing that gold ring as we spin around the incarnational merry-go-round.

The unseens who have been with you since the creation of the universe include your guardian angel, various other angels, and a few beings who resonate on the same or higher levels than angels. For this discussion, these beings will be referred to as angels since so few of us would know the difference, and for now it is not important. Nevertheless, the beings who chose you agreed to imbue you with their enlightenment. They do not try to enlighten you; they do the next best thing. They imbue you with their awareness.

Imbuing is like marinating. Once marinated, the flavor, or in this case the information and knowing, become a permanent part of the whole that you are. Your unseens knew this would take a very long time. They also knew during this incarnation you would be able to become aware enough to introduce yourself to them. Once introduced, you can then develop a conscious relationship with them.

When you finally become aware of your angels, you should notice that your resonance, in its way, matches theirs. This new, but simple awareness releases the unseens so they can reach a higher enlightenment. Likewise, your awareness will open you enough to allow you to reach a higher level of awareness. The first time you consciously experience such an enlightenment, you will come to the realization that despite your expectations of great change, you find yourself standing in a doorway which has opened into your future. You should then become aware that the world beyond the open door is there for you to explore and fill with your creations. This process continues, in our terms, forever.

When your unseens chose you, they did more than just pick you. They committed to constantly imbuing you with their resonances. The resonance each angel imbues you with was created to eventually awaken a similar, but hibernating, resonance within your inner self. Once you awaken within to this resonance, you will become enlightened in the knowledge of the particular angel singing the song. This song is the unseen’s resonance, sung as his or her gift to you because you will have earned it by doing what it takes to become aware enough to find and open that gift. This discussion is about rediscovering our inner senses so we can hear our angels and other unseen friends sing their celestial songs. There will be more about our inner or lost senses to follow.

To your angels, constantly choosing you, imbuing you with their love, and being with you are all the same thing. They sing their songs containing the knowledge and wisdom each is committed to give you because when they originally saw you, it was love at first sight. This was much more complex than it seems, since love to them is far more spiritual and meaningful than it is to human beings. They understand love as the energy of All That Is or the feminine energy from which all things are created.

Our universe was created when the angels were newly enlightened human beings. Human beings are created with different forms and densities depending on the environments in which they live and evolve. We are human beings living in mineral bodies. Most angels did not experience environments where flesh was as dense as it is presently on earth. They did not evolve on earth, nor did they evolve with the same form or in the same way we are evolving now. Their enlightenment was a transformation from human beings to soul beings. During their transformation, we were being created and sent into the physical universe as sparks of light imbued by the essence of Goddess/ God. The transforming angels saw us as we were then—specks of light—and it was love at first sight. Our beauty attracted them to us, they fell in love, and they adopted us.

One angel chose to act as our guardian angel and the others chose to be our teachers. Angels do not speak; they sing. Their resonance and songs have kept us safe throughout our physical evolution. Although we are able to feel a few of their songs, we seem unable to hear them with our ears. Nevertheless, we are often influenced by their resonances, which makes it more likely that we will accomplish certain things or behave certain ways. Slowly, without even knowing, we are being influenced by something we cannot see or hear.

There are a number of actions we can take to help this relationship mature into one which is powerfully spiritual, metaphysical, and physical. Our unseens are eager for us to consciously communicate with them; after all, they are constantly communicating with us, knowing someday we will respond. This is often chaotic to us since we are either unaware of or unable to understand the images, pictures, and other forms of communication with which our unseens constantly imbue us.

If you do not organize your unseens, no one will. You do not have to believe in them to organize them. They are there no matter what you think or do, believe or imagine. They will always be at your side and must be organized in the ways you understand and with which you are comfortable. If they are not, it will be difficult for you to develop a deep relationship with them.

If you are able to learn from a living teacher or master, then do so, but teachers are hard to find and even more difficult to work with. You can also learn from the words of others in books and other media, but do only what feels right for you. Trust yourself and your intuition. It will take time, but eventually you will discover your personally developed way is the best path to travel. Your contact with your unseen friends is always right, as long as it is loving, caring, and compassionate. If communication consists of anything less than those three qualities, you are not talking to your unseens friends.

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