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Angels and Your other Unseen Friends

A book of experiences

Up-to-date ways to enhance your personal spirituality

 I finished this book a few years ago and as usual, by the time the first printing arrived, I had devoted myself to many very mundane projects which constantly increase. I have decided that my projects are never going to be completed so I have returned to my website, my book, and the subjects that I love and find so fascinating.

I wrote, designed, published, and printed this book with the help of a handful of very special people who allowed my indulgences as flawed as they were. I wanted the book to be big and it is so when it is read it is also felt. The book weighs four pounds 11 ounces or two kilos. It is 2 inches thick, 11 inches long, and eight and one-half inches wide. It is printed on reincarnated paper and is easy on the eyes because of its larger print.

Angels and Your other Unseen Friends is not your average angel book. There are no pictures of infant cherubim, Barbie doll angels, or images of any kind. I wrote the book for the individual who thinks being spiritual requires too much study, time, and resources. I agree, it is a rare life who can add anything new to the day.

Angels and Your other Unseen Friends is based on the understanding that we create our own reality, that we have been preparing for this life for lifetimes, and that we are present in this most magnificent time to remember what we as Soul have been gathering for this particular life. No one could be interested in spirituality without having had many lifetimes as the shaman, gurus, or enlightened beings that they envy, follow, or praise today.

Angels and Your other Unseen Friends was written for the individual and the therapist who treats the third-dimensional being multidimensionally. Moving in and out of time and space is something everyone does multiple times a day. Becoming consciously aware of how you think, feel, and react is the next step in evolution. It is the one we as metaphysicians are creating for our future lives by truly and honestly knowing ourselves in this life.

Angels and Your other Unseen Friends describes ways to remember your ability to communicate with your angels and unseen friends. You are not consciously aware of the angels and unseen friends that are always present but you can be and if you do your knowledge will open new paths for those yet to be born.

Angels and Your other Unseen Friends requires no prerequisites. You already know the best remembrances, the deepest healing, and the most profound insights. You have it within you and there are ways to bring it out.

Please, do not buy this book if you do not plan to read some of it. The book is elegant but priced at paperback rates to make the book available, affordable, and something that will be cherished not because I wrote it, but because of what is written within it.

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Printed On Reincarnated Paper

Weight 4 lbs. 11 oz

ISBN: 978-0-9961-0970-3

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Angels and Your other Unseen Friends

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Angels and Your other Unseen Friends


Meditation Tapes

I will be offering meditation tapes at no cost to assist you in working with the inner child, soul, Spirit and unseen friends. The emphasis will be on helping you relax, heal yourself, and create the life you want. Downloadable written material will also be available to assist you in understanding your multidimensionality.

What some readers have said about the book.

 Edward Rice’s down to earth and straight to the point approach to metaphysics is very refreshing and very practical. Wise suggestions, personal observations and well tried and tested exercises that are thorough, easy to follow, and produce great results. Metaphysics that work, whether you are a seasoned healing practitioner, a beginner or just a curious explorer. A book not to be missed.” — Angelika Anagnostou intuitive, healer, metaphysics researcher

In “Angels and your other unseen friends,” Edward Rice calls on his many years of metaphysical experience and knowledge to provide readers with an in-depth exploration of how to sense, communicate, and build beneficial relationships with helper angels and ‘unseen friends’ who will gladly support you in manifesting your deepest desires.” — Andrew Adleman, MA, Author

I had the good fortune of having lunch with Ed Rice before a major surgery I had this year. We talked about my angels and other friends as comfort and protection throughout the process. And they were. I thought of them in my anxiety before the surgery, asked them to guide my surgeon, and have called on them many times after as I tried to be patient with my slow and painful recovery. What a comfort and a help ed and his teachings are. He’s spent a lifetime understanding his form of metaphysics, for the benefit of all.”  — ZD Falliers, New Mexico, USA

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