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The story centered on a 18 year old male meeting his mother for the first time since she gave him up for adoption. The story was typical, the mother was a single with other children and with little if any means. After a painful decision process, she gave up the child by convincing herself that it would be better off. After the adoption she suffered from depression and entertained thoughts of or actual attempts at suicide, but she pulled herself together for the sake of her other children and continued her life.

Adoption Is Not What It Is Thought To Be

Human beings are Soul/Spirit physical appendages who almost never experience random coincidences. In almost every situation we find ourselves, we have as Soul/Spirit beings planned our actions and their consequences and outcomes before our human bodies act the part. There may be slight changes that occur in the acting out of the plan, but almost always everyone within the relationship has agreed to the rules before they were born, which include the feelings and emotions they experience as well as the thoughts and images they think, imagine, and see.

There are always a few examples which will not fit this model, but each of those are planned for their own unique experiences. Adoption is almost always preplanned, preordained, and totally agreed upon by all participants, especially the child and both biological and adoptive parents. The child wants to be born experiencing its birth mother’s genetic, emotional, and mental world experiences and world view, but wants to be raised in the adoptive mother’s world and to experience her emotional and mental world experiences and views. Fathers also play power roles especially during childhood.

The volunteers for these relationships have accepted the consequences involved and know in advance the stages and the scripts. Their guilt, anger, remorse, shame, and other emotions are designed as attempts to wake them up to themselves and their own powers of self-healing.

Many of the secrets of life are just below consciousness shrouded in confusing and chaotic emotions that were preplanned by each participant, victim and perpetrator. The plans are more detailed than believed; they are to be experienced, lived with, and eventually faced to be understood, released, and finally healed. If adoption, infant neglect, and all other childhood traumas and dramas are preplanned we as Soul/Spirit beings surly developed methods we can reclaim to heal ourselves.

That, in a nutshell, is the reason each of us exists. We exist to learn to create our reality without harm to others. This is the hardest and harshest of all spiritual paths and the most difficult to master lessons. The truth is that we are the best there is at these chores and we love it or we would not be here. e