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Undocumented Veterans

While reading the August 2018 VFW Magazine I noticed a very interesting detail, there was no mention of the veterans of foreign wars who are being deported or experiencing the deportation of their family members because the service members were undocumented. The magazine rightly highlights the heroes with feel-good stories about overcoming hardships along with heartwarming and interesting therapy stories. But where was the mention of the thousands of vets and their families affected by the present administration’s policies of deportation? What did we fight for if our fellow veterans are treated with such indignity and why does the magazine that unites those of us who fought in foreign wars stay silent? We are leaving our brothers behind on a present battlefield that is not of their making or under their control.

Trump has never protected the backs of the undocumented veterans of foreign wars nor has he ever had the backs of any soldier in any service at any time. Do we?

Edward Rice life member # 10113922 – New Mexico – USA