Mother’s Influence

From the time of your conception until 18 months of age you were like a sponge, absorbing every one of your mother’s emotions, thoughts, and feelings — believing they were yours! That means that from the moment your life force burst into this planet at conception you have carried within your being a belief about yourself. That belief is in alignment with your mother’s emotional state at the exact time of your conception. Whether she was in a state of joy, fear or pain is part of your emotional make up and belief system right now!

As your mother carried you through the pregnancy, you felt her emotions and stored them in your body, setting up a sort of emotional framework. Later, around the age of 18 months, when you became old enough to be an individual and to experience your own emotions, you continued to store those new emotions in the old framework. Stored together, they became tangled with your/Mother’s old emotions and the two remain inseparable today.

If you have done your inner child and other clearing work, but emotions that should have been cleared keep repeating, it is quite possible that you need to look at emotions that are not yours, emotions that you “borrowed” from Mother. Because, unless you are able to own an emotion you cannot release it. Often, as we grow older, we find that we have become our mother — we look like her, or act like her, repeat her neurosis despite every attempt to take a different route. This is because we have not cleared those early emotions of Mother from our being.

In addition to what our mothers were feeling and thinking we were affected by all of our surroundings — the womb experience, the birth process, all of the people in our lives. Our early pre-verbal times are actually key to the formation, the foundation of who we are today. Until very recently it was believed that we were not thinking, feeling beings until we began to communicate in speech. Still today most psychological therapies have not considered taking this time of our lives into account!

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