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Also found within the inner child are powerful core beliefs that run our lives on a subconscious level. These debilitating core beliefs can be discovered and healed by communicating with and loving the wounded inner child. Those who have worked with their inner children without allowing that child to be real, to be felt, and loved, would find the work to be ineffective. Using the information, downloads, and recorded meditations provided may help you meet, learn to love, and heal your inner child. You may even get a glimpse of your magical child, the archetype of the child you strive to be, and one of the keys to your transcendence.

Your physical body grows and matures automatically and instinctively due to a myriad of incomprehensible evolutionary factors, but your emotional and mental bodies must mature by experience, training, and learning. A grown-up and an adult are as different as the moon and the sun. In this analogy, the adult is the sun and until recently few people have had the potential of maturing to the level of adult. It is possible to obtain partial adulthood by maturing facets of grown-up-hood like occupation, physical perfections, skills, and other perfected abilities. For example, the education system is focused on developing careers while leaving emotional and mental skills to individuals to work out themselves.

Sadness always accompanies the loss of greatness and in this chaotic phase of our evolution masters, teachers, and healers are needed more than ever yet finding one is becoming difficult if not impossible. Many in the healing arts are becoming extinct and their absence will be felt until the medical establishment incorporates Soul and Spirit into the art of medicine. The masters of their fields held a stabilizing space for humankind on every continent while we blindly and without responsibility ran away from nature as we evolved toward our future. We have ridden our stupidity as far as it can carry us forcing us to realize that we must understand our relationship with nature and our responsibilities as guardians regarding her.

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