Excerpts from the book  Angels and Your Other Unseen Friends  with slight modifications.

The Parent/Child Bond

To a parent, his or her child is always that, their child, whether the child is seven or seventy. During this discussion, this concept will apply, so the parent’s child is always referred to as child whether the chronological age is conception and wombtime, old age, or any age in between.

There is no stronger bond than the one forged between a child and his or her parents. This bond has a very deep relationship with the world between death and rebirth because it was there, during our last lifetime, where each of us developed, agreed to, and signed the contracts with our parents and significant others for this physical lifetime. We also worked out agreements with hundreds of others whom we agreed to help and who agreed to help us. Along with the contracts, each of us signed with our parents and our children came an authorization which we will call parental power. This gives the parent authority over their child to interfere and intervene in not only third-dimensional concerns but multidimensional ones as well. This is not a right, although from all indications it would seem to be. It is a spiritual responsibility.

The relationship of the child and one or both of his or her parents can be even more intense because of the dynamics which have developed between the members of our spiritual group. We will call this group our incarnational inner circle. For instance, if we are learning a skill such as how to integrate love for and from another, we may spend hundreds of lifetimes experiencing every facet and dynamic that love is able to produce, given the time, space, and social structures of those lives.

Because of the importance of the lessons, we choose to learn, we also choose a group of beings to learn them with. Souls do not pick just anyone to train with. Each chooses wisely and over lifetimes we have all gathered an inner circle around us. We trust these souls to complete their parts of the life contracts, so we usually pick them for the most important roles, for instance, mothers and fathers. The bond is usually the strongest when one in our inner circle is a parent, or when we are a parent to an inner circle member.

Another reason the bond is so strong is that, under normal conditions, both parents give a piece of their life-force to their child. Their life-force resonance is an exact copy and record, up to that moment, of each parent’s world view. Also packaged within that resonance is the resonance of his or her parents’ mental, emotional, and willful or physical bodies. This resonance, as information, is recorded in every cell of the child’s body. This ensures that at birth the child has immediate access to the parents’ borrowed body sensations, feelings, and thoughts. The child can then spend, at the least, the next twenty or so years rejecting or accepting the parent’s senses, while she is developing her own.

Whether the parent is alive or passed, present or absent, he or she shapes a child’s future grown-up and adult selves. The child may love, hate, or feel indifferent about her parents, but their influence will usually remain resistant to change throughout

her life. That resistance must be softened if the child is to become an adult. Parental power authorizes the parents to work on this resistance. Since this is usually an adolescent behavior, the best approach for a parent is to use her or his unseens to bombard the child, in this case the adolescent, with loving energy packets.

Only parents and true lovers can gather the focused energies and intent required to penetrate the wall this kind of resistance builds around itself. When the energy becomes a part of well-developed packets delivered to your child and his or her unseens, you should be able to see a difference almost immediately. Immediately, does not mean suddenly. You have to do your part, which takes time to develop, but as a parent you have chosen to always be a bit more mature than your child, that is, until you realize it is no longer necessary.

Excerpts from the book  Angels and Your Other Unseen Friends  with slight modifications.




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