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The article The Curse of the Chippendales is used to illustrate how thought-forms can and do affect people who receive an excessive amount of either positive or negative attention. No one is except or free of others’ thought-forms and for the present level of humankind’s evolution, some thought-form attachments may not be restrictive enough to notice because there are natural unconscious ways to prevent them from infecting one’s organs and other bodies. However, no one is safe when the weight of others’ thought-forms exceeds the ability of the astral and mental bodies to combat their resonant intent. Presently politicians are becoming the target of more negative thought-forms imbued with heavy emotions such as hate, fear, and anger. Most start with good intentions for their constituents, their districts, and their country but end their careers suffocated by negative resonance bordering on evil.

Thought-forms are insidious physical things, but they are not curses. What happened to the Chippendales happened to many cocktail waitresses and showgirls I worked with in Las Vegas and Atlantic City. I have also worked with politicians, corporate executives, and musicians who also suffer from thought-form suffocation.

Thought-forms are invisible to the eye, inaudible to the ear, sticky to the touch, and so light that when a barrage of thought hits a person it will not be consciously perceived anyplace on their four physical bodies. Thought-forms present many dangers to their recipient, but three stand out. First, they contain intent that is not advantageous to the target whether good or evil. Second, thought-forms are etheric-guided missiles that never miss their target, and third, they accumulate and fester.

On impact, the thought sticks to the target, and for the remainder of its thought life, it draws energy from its creator and sucks the energy out of its targets. On impact, the creator of the thought-form and the target are connected for the life of the thought, or until the target is able to shed it, or the creator of the thought-form calls it back. Thought-forms are seldom called back by their creators because they are usually oblivious of their culpability in thought-form creation. They are also oblivious to the energy they have to supply the thought form that is stuck to some by-now-forgotten person or how much harm is being done to themselves or their targets while the attachment is active.

Anybody is susceptible especially pretty people, politicians, film and video stars, sports figures, porno actors, and dancers along with anyone followed by adoring or lustful crowds will eventually suffer from this relatively unknown phenomenon called thought-form suffocation unless they learn how to rid themselves of the energy.

Thought-form suffocation happens when the person becomes overburdened by the weight and energy of the accumulated of others’ thought-forms on their bodies. Its effects are usually diagnosed as exhaustion, psychotic behavior, nervous breakdowns, physical sicknesses, confusion, and various other maladies. Thought-form suffocation can also result in irrational and unpredictable behavior, leading to bad health, emotional, and mental problems.

The Curse of the Chippendales is just an example of the curse of everyone exposed to the thought-forms sent by others. That curse is usually why many people become occupational burnout victims ruining their lives. because they are unable to find an answer to what was ailing them. This suffocating energy should be released daily to keep one’s body free from other’s energy.

Problems that plagued normal people, the Chippendales, politicians, and celebrities are always based on the negative. Desire, lust, jealousy, envy, hate, anger, and feelings that are often mistaken for love are examples of thought-forms that stick to and accumulate on the parts of the bodies that are targeted or representative of the thoughts sent. Therapists, doctors, coaches, and teachers are all susceptible.

Relieving yourself of thought-forms first requires that you know about them, not that you believe in them. Such knowledge is your first defense.

It is important to acknowledge that you have sent uncountable numbers of thought-forms to others and that you should draw them back to yourself. Attempting to feel one’s thought form accumulation is the second, and using visualization meditations is the third prerequisite to rid oneself of accumulated thought-forms.

If you are attractive, talented, intelligent, wealthy, or have an occupation, skill, or ability that is considered desirable you are probably covered with thought-forms. You need to cut the attached energy off your body. Then you need to look at the thought forms you have sent and the ones that you send every day. Those you need to call back.

If you are critical of yourself, you are critical of others and everything. You are exhausted because you have too many thought forms sticking on everything you have ever looked at, thought about or criticized. The energy you expend supporting them is draining more energy than you can replenish. You need to call your energy back, not cut it off.

Freeing yourself of thought-forms is a simple process but it requires focus, water or wind, your imagination, and some self-honesty.

Your focus is a meditation either open-eyed or closed, but practice closed-eye meditation until you feel comfortable enough to walk around in a meditative mode with your eyes wide open and appearing normal.

Self-honesty is the key to any ‘simple process’ because the more honest you are about yourself the less friction you will experience shedding thought-forms. Self-honesty also makes it easier to withdraw your thought-forms from the people, places, and things that you sent them to when you thought about them.

Wind and water can be experienced anywhere and are angel and archangel energies that are multidimensional or exist in more than one dimension simultaneously. Humans are also multidimensional beings, but we are as yet unable to hold our focus long enough on our physical world to create it as we desire. Because we have not evolved enough to consciously experience two or more realities at the same time we are unable to see thought-forms because of their etheric physicality which our physical senses are unaware of. Angel and Archangel energy on the other hand can focus on multiple realities at once.

For this type of meditation, I prefer water in the form of a warm shower, but even that takes practice because of the dangers of falling. Standing in the wind is freeing in its own way but I am prone to be cold so warm water is my favorite. You have to find your own element—water, wind, space, night, sunlight, or whatever can surround you and calm you. You know what it is, you know what in your solitude relaxes you, own it, and perfect it.

While getting to know this meditation your safe space is where you decide the safest and quietest space is where you will be undisturbed for a few minutes. Eventually, you will be able to release and pull back the energies of thought-forms with your eyes wide open and fully aware of yourself and everything around you. That should be your goal—anywhere, anyplace, anytime—to be aware of receiving or giving thought-forms and how to rid yourself of them and refuse to send them. That level of skill will require a few quiet meditations in a safe space.

This is not a difficult exercise because its focus begins with your breathing and eventually concentrates on your heartbeat. It has to do with the rhythm of your body, what you hear, experience, and feel when you are quiet and surrounded by your element. This is not a group exercise. It should only be you. When you are comfortable in your safe space with closed eyes allow your body to relax by focusing on your breathing. Listen, smell, feel your breathing, your breath. Feel how you inhale the outside world followed by your giving yourself to the world. Inhale – receiving, exhale – giving – relaxing with every breath.

As your body relaxes you will hear the beating of your heart. As you listen begin to switch your focus from your breathing to your heartbeat. If you feel your heartbeat in one place relax even more until you can feel the pulsation of the beating throughout your body, from your toes to the top of your head. Hold that total feeling for a comfortable time until you notice that the pulsation you are feeling over your total body is not only pulsing in your body but outside of your body. If you hold that feeling for a comfortable time you should begin to notice that the pulsation is coming from outside of you. Become acquainted with that feeling. Lifetimes are spent learning how to feel this feeling, but now, everything spiritual is within reach for everyone who dares to reach for it.

The body you feel outside of your physical body is your astral body. If you are standing under a shower or in the wind both those elements are flowing over your astral self. The thought-forms that are plastered all over your body are made of similar substances as your astral self while the element you choose flows while you are still. When you add intent to this equation by visualizing the element washing or blowing away the sticky thought-forms stuck to your bodies.

If you think you can rid yourself of thought-forms with one meditation you are just deluding yourself and you should try some other technique. This takes longer the older you are and the more popular—features, talent, abilities—you are. Patience pays off.

You do not use your element to bring your energy back by withdrawing the thought-forms you have sent out, but you do have to meditate to the degree that you feel your astral self. The key is to recall—call them back. This technique requires more self-awareness than releasing others’ thought-forms but there is one difference—your thought-forms want to return to you. you are their creator, everything created wants to return to its creator. Start by recalling your thoughts for the day. Who met your gaze and thoughts? What judgments do you recall making today? What angers, sadness, fears, joys, happiness, whatever daily actions and thoughts of the day are all thought-forms that you should retrieve. Once retrieved you have its energy back and you will not have to keep it energized. It is a win-win situation where you win twice.

Eventually, you will start to notice that some thought-forms attached to you and some you have attached to others will not let go. These resistant thought-forms have to be cut though a visualization mediation. A visualization meditation is not fantasy because such a meditation derives from a realm outside of you. This is for another story, but the facts are when you visualize from the body outside your physical one you are adding intent and emotion to a fourth and fifth-dimensional reality which means you are consciously there and your actions there affect all your bodies. If you cut the thought-forms stuck on you or sent from you by cutting the threads that connect others’ thought forms to their creator and yours to you.

You can use a sharp knife, a sword, or a blade to separate these resistant thought-forms but stay away from cutting them yourself. Imagine yourself spinning with a stationary blade next to you that cut the thought forms as you spin. Use your imagination; if it feels good and works then that is your path.

More instructions and meditations will be published as blog posts and downloads in the future.

(Note: The Chippendales were a 1980s all-male striptease dance troupe who would have been suffocated by the sexual thought-form energy of countless women and some men. Some of them participated in crimes that ended in murder.)

(Note 2: I try to use the pronouns she and her instead of he/she, he, or him/her when referring to more than one person of different genders for ease of writing and the fact that women are more often victims than men.)

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