AgeHealing Technique

Aging – A Curse or Gift

All of us age, it comes on us slowly when we are not expecting it and in the latter part of our lives it ravishes our bodies and deadens our minds. Barring accidental death there comes a time when there is no more energy to keep the life force within the body and the body dies. Absorbing electromagnetic energy will not stop this process, but it can limit the negative effects leading to death and may help you live a more productive and fulfilling life. Its use could extend your life simply because you choose to have your life extended and you probably want to live longer because you are healthier, stronger, more energetic, and have a purpose.

Living longer gives you the chance to experience wisdom, the very wonder of the developmental stage called “old age” that early death robs anyone of. The fear of death is a prime producer of negative electromagnetic energy as are the many other lower emotions such as anger and rage, helplessness and hopelessness, self-pity, and martyrdom The lower emotions are experienced daily by the seven-billion plus souls incarnated on the earth. Even individual disease and death cause an enormous electromagnetic energy output because of the emotional energy, also electromagnetic energy, that is the byproduct of the processes of healing and dying.

Developmental Cycles

Old age is the last developmental stage that all humans can evolve through in one lifetime between conception and death. Conception and Death happen instantaneously while the development cycles in between starting with the womb time take progressively longer periods to complete. Life is like a bell curve. In the beginning, there is a steady uphill climb followed by waxing. At the zenith, the waning begins until it bottoms out and the body is depleted of energy, and it dies.

Human developmental cycles are automatically timed, they cannot be stopped, and only in a few cases can they be delayed, but those rules only apply to unconscious beings. You are becoming conscious, or you would not be reading this, so you can change the rules. The presence of consciousness changes everything while our place in the human evolutionary stream. That is changing and one of the reasons for the chaotic conditions of the planet

The brain is a bio-computer, the mind a data processing center, and you as consciousness control it all yet you have no awareness of doing so.

When we pass from one developmental cycle to the next there is an instant change within us. One of those changes instant changes that we feel as we pass from one developmental cycle to the next is that the further away we grow from our previous developmental cycle the more we forget what that previous cycle’s experiences were like or what our bodies felt like to us. We forget what we thought, and what our emotions were, and we forgot our body sensations. We had to forget the past to face the new challenges of a new developmental cycle presented to us. Now we must recall how our bodies felt when we were young and strong. Now we must remember so that we can become healthier and stronger, because we are conscious, and we want to be that way.


Think of your intent as a highly focused thought. It can be a prayer or mantra, an image or visualization, and it can even be a desire or need. To work on your health and well-being your intent should be as emotionally free of desperation and ego as it can be. For the present, work with whatever desperation or ego you have, but become aware of what you are feeling and what emotions you are experiencing. You will change your intent and goals as you grow. Use your mind and your heart where they are the most useful and results-oriented.

Your mind must first think about what you have to do to create an intent that you could focus on during your absorption of electromagnetic energy. Your heart must then feel what it would feel when your intent is actualized. You will need to think about what emotions and body sensations you would have if your intent became a reality. Then your mind must allow your emotional body to add the most important ingredient required for your intent to actualize. Your mind must allow your emotions to feel your body and how you expect to feel when you got what you wanted. To start, ask yourself, how would you expect to feel when you are healthy? And most importantly, what emotions would you expect to feel? You can change your expectations as your progress but start with a believable and reachable goal in mind. After you become more able to feel what you want to feel and to know what emotions and feelings you expect to feel and emote you can change your expectations and then your intent.

When you intend to become healthier, stronger, and more productive you should have an image, a picture, a visualization of what you want to become and what you would look like when you become what you want. When you decide what you want to look like then you should decide how you would feel when you reach that goal. The best resource for your vision of self as you want to be is a picture of you when you were younger and felt all those things you want to remember. If you do not have a picture, remember what you looked like and felt like when you were in that younger space and feeling good about yourself. Think back to your past when you felt all those things because you were experiencing those things. There is at least one such experience in even the bleakest of lives.

As you focus on your past good feelings, you will begin to recall what you were feeling and thinking during those times in your past when you were feeling yourself at the height of your power. Start with what you remember, and memories will bubble up from your subconscious mind that will eventually fill in the whole picture and image of your healthier self in that time in your past. You will eventually feel how your skin felt, smooth, and soft. You will remember what your bones felt when you were limber and flexible. How did your muscles feel when they did not ache or pain. You will remember how it felt to walk with confidence and balance and you will remember what it felt like to have all your body parts moving as they did then. You will remember thick hair and strong nails. Comfortable feet and limber fingers. Think about these remembrances and recall how they felt.

First Technique

Absorbing Electromagnetic Energy into a Body Part or Region

The remembrances of your past self’s healthy strong body with its calm, peaceful feelings should be used as your intent. As you concentrate on the focus source feel the waves of electromagnetic energy draining from the source and wafting into the top of your transformation cone. Feel the energy flowing into your body. Feel the waves flowing down into the top of your head through the prana tube in the center of your body. Like a channel carrying energy visualize and feel the pulsation of the waves flowing through your head and neck and down to your heart. Feel your heart filling safely with the transformed electromagnetic energy and with every heartbeat it pulsates blood filled with the transformed electromagnetic energy into your body part or region of your body where you choose healing or transformation to occur.

As you visualize and feel as much as you are able the waves of energy flowing into a part of your body or a region like the pelvic or chest region see in your mind’s eye the energy draining out of the focused source until it is spent. Do this until you feel full of transformed electromagnetic energy.

Second Technique

Absorbing Electromagnetic Energy into Your Body

Once you become accustomed to the feeling of absorbing electromagnetic energy into one of your body parts or regions, imagine that the electromagnetic energy that is being transformed by your transformation cone flows down into your head and your prana tube. Feel it slowly move down through your head and neck, into your torso, and down through your hips where it divides and continues moving down through your legs into your feet. Keep filling your prana tube until you feel a slight pressure in your feet. Visualize the pulsation, the wavelike characteristics of electromagnetic energy as a color filling your feet then your ankles, your calves and shins, and then your knees and thighs. Then feel your hips, waist, solar plexus, chest, and shoulders filling with energy and color. Feel the energy in your shoulders spilling down into your arms, upper arms, elbows, forearms, wrists, hands, and fingertips as they fill with color and transformed electromagnetic energy. Then feel your neck and head filling with energy. Chin, lips, mouth, cheeks, back of head, nose, and eyes, ears and temples, forehead, and top of your head fill with the color, with the energy. Feel the waves of energy flowing through your entire body. Watch with your inner eyes as the focus source is drained of its energy and you are filled to the very top of your head with your intent and the feeling that you are what you are experiencing.

Third technique

Absorbing Electromagnetic Energy Into Your Body and Its Surrounding Auric and Etheric Fields

You are a living life force, a conscious source of vitality who resonates or emanates electromagnetic energy. The electromagnetic energy that you expel is your signature, your resonance, and your individual and personal vibrations. These vibrations are not discriminatory. They contain your healthy and unhealthy vibrations, your good emotions and your painful emotions as well as your productive thoughts and your non-productive thoughts and everything in between. It is the psychic odor that you reek with.

Remember your past stronger and healthier self and you see yourself with your inner eyes (hold the image) and then feel the image as much as you are able (recalling the experience). See, feel, imagine, and remember yourself in that body, in your past self’s body, toes to toes and nose to nose. Try to feel every hair on that strong body. Be as much in that body in that time and space as you are able.

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